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Children's lighting

A child has a way of brightening the day, right? When darkness falls, help keep their fears away with our children's lighting for bedroom. The soft glow from our LED table lamp radiates calmness, which can often be enough to get that sleepyhead back to bed! Buy our LED night light online. 

Should you have a night light in your child's bedroom?

A night light may ease your child's anxiety and fear of the dark, or might help if you need to see in their room to care for them without tripping during the night. IKEA night lamps are available in dim colours that will leave them comfortable the whole night.

Which LED light is best for children's bedroom?

Having a night light in your children's bedroom can put their mind at ease and help them to a peaceful night's sleep. Picking the right LED light is essential as to not disturb their sleep, which is why IKEA LED lights for children's bedroom come in friendly-looking shapes and a soft glow to keep your children as comfortable as they can be!

Can you leave a night lamp on all night?

You can leave a night lamp on all night since the soft glow should not cause any sleep issues and are thoroughly tested for safety. However, you can find IKEA night lamps with motion-activated sensors so they only light up when you go into the room.