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Children's furniture

 Kids love discovering the world around them, and having the right things at home will make it all easier. Discover IKEA children bedroom furniture and pick the best match with the bedroom theme! Buy affordable children furniture online from IKEA.

Flexible furniture your kids can use for years

Your kids are growing but this SMUSSLA unit is made to keep up. It can be a storage box or a bedside table or a shelf unit that fits under a desk. You change it to match their needs and they can use it for years.

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A toy panda leans against one of two white SMUSSLA bedside tables/shelf units standing beside each other near a child’s bed.
Two white SMUSSLA bedside tables/shelf units stand beside each other. They have been assembled into different configurations.
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Toy storage that’s easy for your kids

With TROFAST toy storage, you choose your own combination of different wooden frames and lightweight plastic boxes to keep all the toys organised. So it’s easy for your kids to take things out for play – and to put them away, too.

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A young child stands beside a TROFAST storage combination which has a LUSTIGT spinning wheel-game and toy animals on top.
A wall with two units of TROFAST wall storage which hold TROFAST storage boxes, toys, books and a PELARBOJ LED table lamp.
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What type of children outdoor furniture is the most durable?

IKEA's range of children's tables and chairs are made with a variety of materials, sizes, colours and prices for outdoors activities. They're light and easy to carry, yet durable enough to handle everyday play and the thoughest weather conditions.

Which childrens play tents to buy?

IKEA's thrilling kids tents, canopies, and play tunnels will spark your child's imagination, setting the stage for endless adventures with our selection of tents for kids. IKEA children's tents are available in different styles and colours and can be bought online hassle-free!

What furniture to choose for my children's bedroom?

IKEA has got the perfect children's furniture to fit any space. Check out a wide collection of beds in different designs along the perfect wordrobes to store all their clothes, and don't forget to explore the available range of bedside tables and chairs.

What are the best chairs and tables for my children?

IKEA chairs and tables are available in smaller dimensions, suitable for small rooms or spaces while allowing you to give your kids their own corner to unleash their creativity with arts and crafts, or take on their homework peacefully and comfortably. They're also easy to clean and wipe off any stain on them, making them the best chairs and tables for children.

Where to buy the best desks and chairs for children?

IKEA children's desks are designed to help organise your kid's space and keep their room clutter-free. You can also give them a bench at which they can happily draw, study and play. Have fun exploring our range of sizes, shapes, materials and colours and be assured you'll never have to search for a new one! Place your order now online.