It's okay. We're afraid of the dark, too.

Lighting is what turns your home into a place for doing things you love – whether it's reading a book, preparing dinner or getting cosy on the sofa. That’s why you'll find so many ways to make your home a little brighter – and energy efficient ways of keeping it that way.

We’ve gone all-in with LED lighting
Effortlessly affordable
Saving money doesn’t mean giving up the things you love. If you switch to LED, you can light your home beautifully (just the way you want it), while lowering the cost of your energy bill. That’s because LED lighting uses 85% less energy than incandescent lighting. Just think of what you can do with the money you’ll save!
And making the switch has just got easier. That’s because all our lighting is now LED. Everything from integrated strip lights to ambient ceiling lights. We even have LED light bulbs to fit your existing light fittings. And we’re continually working to lower our prices. So it’s never been easier to fall in love with LED.
Handy helpers
These FRYEBO lamps run on rechargable batteries, so they’re totally portable. Light up your chopping board, or your chili plant. Or take it with you to your bedroom for some after-dinner reading.
Two lit LED table lamps.
Restyle your lamp with little details
SPRIDD limited edition collection
A white pendant lamp shade with black eye and mouth pattern, shown with a colourful background.
Print it out loud! The SPRIDD lamps catch everyone’s attention.
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IKEA PS 2017 collection
Two dark blue floor lamps, inspired by old military searchlights.
Mood is all about the lighting. So IKEA PS 2017 puts a shine on whatever mood’s needed. From spotlights, table lamps and hanging lamps. To lamps on stands. And even flashlights in cages.
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IKEA PS 2017 Floor lamp THB 2,390 IKEA PS 2017 Floor lamp THB 2,390
JASSA collection - limited edition
Bamboo lampshades cast a warm, natural glow. Their neutral tones and simple shapes harmonise with any interior.
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