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Guest beds and day beds

Make room for your life

Sofa by day and bed at night, most of our comfy day beds even have built-in drawers to store duvets and pillows. Many can turn into both single and double beds and you have a choice of mattress to get the comfort you prefer. Still not enough sleeping space for everyone? Try our guests beds. They fold up for easy storage when your guests go home.

SVELVIK day-bed frame, black Length: 207 cm Height: 117 cm Width: 88 cm
day-bed frame
€ 200.00
Length: 207 cm, Height: 117 cm, Width: 88 cm
SVÄRTA underbed, silver-colour Length: 197 cm Height: 20 cm Width: 93 cm
€ 60.00
Length: 197 cm, Height: 20 cm, Width: 93 cm

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  • Day beds - value for money and comfort day and night

    Check out our choice of day beds. They come in different materials like wood or metal and in many different styles. Day beds save you space by working around the clock - giving you a comfortable place to sit by day and sleep by night. You’ll find day beds for one or two people with smart features like built-in storage drawers for bed linen or extra pillows. If the day beds you like don’t come with built-in storage, we also have under-bed boxes to hold those sheets and duvets. You buy the mattress separately, so that you can choose the exact level of comfort you want. And we have an online mattress guide to help you find the best matress for you and the way you sleep.

  • Lots more to go with day beds

    We also have lots of other home furnishings that match our day beds - from cushions and throws to chairs and lamps. If you’re looking for a day bed that’s part of a set of coordinated furniture, check out our HEMNES series of day beds. For a good night’s sleep, you also need a duvet and pillow that really suit you. We have a big choice of these, and our online quilt and pillow guide will help you find what’s best for you and how you sleep. And we also have lots of duvet covers and pillowcases to put them in too!