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Choosing sustainable materials

We are continuing our journey towards only sourcing renewable or recycled materials by 2030. We aim to source and produce using renewable and recyclable materials and to provide new solutions for our customers to prolong the life of products and materials.

A coarsely woven rug, upon which are several printed pictures plus a variety of raw materials including leaves and wool.
A wood-topped dining table with a striking grain pattern upon which is a pile of dinner plates, some candlesticks and a vase.

The many qualities of wood

Wood is an excellent material from a design and quality perspective. All wood used in IKEA products is sourced from responsibly managed forests which do not contribute to deforestation. And it’s an important part of our Scandinavian design heritage.

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A cotton plant with three white, fluffy cotton flowers at sunset in a lush green field of cotton plants.

Committed to better cotton

All cotton used in IKEA products is from more sustainable sources. This means it’s recycled or grown with less water and pesticides. Good for the farmers, good for the planet and good for you.

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Three green KNOPARE hooks in the shape of the front half of a toy boat mounted at different heights on a green wall.

More recycled or renewable-based plastic

Our ambition is that all the plastic used in IKEA products will be based on renewable or recycled materials. To start with we’re replacing single-use plastic and using different kinds of sustainable plastic.

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A storage unit with a vertical, white metal mesh surface. A woman’s hand is hanging several earrings in the mesh holes.

Strong, recyclable metal

Metal is a great material. It’s strong, durable and affordable. And it’s sustainable too. And we want to make it even more sustainable by ensuring that our metal is sourced and produced in a responsible way.

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A flock of unshorn sheep gracing a field on a sunny day. There are trees, a mountain and a cloud in the background.

Responsibly sourced wool – good for you and the planet

We’re on our way to only using responsibly sourced wool, meaning that the wool comes from sheep that are treated well, and land that is managed responsibly.

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An artisan with green pants is weaving a light, yellowish bamboo lattice by hand onto a metallic lamp base.

The many benefits of bamboo

As a material, bamboo is both strong and sustainable, and it’s versatile too. This is why we’re using more of it to create beautiful, durable IKEA products.

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