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ODGER Chair, white/beige

ODGER Chair, white/beige

Price $ 125.00
ODGER Chair, anthracite
ODGER Chair, blue
ODGER Chair, red
ODGER Chair, white/beige

How to get it

The chair’s moulded shell gives a comfortable, flexy feel that is yours to enjoy after a simple 3-click assembly. For strength and beauty, the wood is mixed into the ivory nude plastic, looking like decorative sprinkles.

Article Number603.599.96

Product details

Have a seat and stay a while - the friendly, embracing curves and flexy material make this chair nice and comfy.

No tools are required to assemble the chair, you just click it together with a simple mechanism under the seat.

The wood fiber/plastic composite material gives the chair a textured, matte surface that is soft and inviting to the touch.

Viewed from afar, the wood fibers blend into the surface, up close they become an interesting design feature that catches the eye.


J Löfgren/J Pettersson


Tested for: 243 lb

Width: 17 3/4 "

Depth: 20 1/8 "

Height: 31 7/8 "

Seat width: 17 3/4 "

Seat depth: 16 1/8 "

Seat height: 16 7/8 "


Broken!JenniferWhen we bought these one was broken at delivery in the box they did replace that one. Now it’s a year later and one just broke (whole side) when my 110lb friend sat down, in the SAME place the other one had broken in the box. I’m so disappointed and apparently you only get 6 months warranty. So I have the choice of spending $125 for a new one or buy four new chairs. What a racket. Clearly this is happening to tons of people. Buyer beware because for $500 these four chairs should last more than a year!!!!2
Great chair, looks more expensive than it isMarvinVery comfortable, the anthracite is a very attractive complement to furniture with some black accents such as the Skogsta table.5
Poorly designedMarcelleI truly loved these chairs. Even after the first one broke I still had hope. Then the others met the same fate soon after. They all broke in the exact same way—large chunk of the seat corner snapped off. There’s no way to repair so they were donzo. There’s just no support. If you shift your weight even slightly to the side (as one typically does), the side gives and breaks clean off. 1
My husband broke themBettyMy average weight husband (under 200 lbs) broke both of these. Maybe he has big thighs or he's just very intense when he sits on something. I don't know. I love the look of these chairs, but they only lasted like 2 months in our house. The chairs cracked off in the seat. Such a bummer. Maybe a bad batch? 1
Might get furry if you have petsEdwardThis is a super comfortable, solid, attractive chair, and we love it. The only thing that some might find a problem, is that the plastic surface is a bit "adhesive" when it comes to lint and hair. We don't have pets, but having had them in the past, I am pretty sure that cat hair would stick to these, so just something to be aware of. The texture of the plastic is really nice, and feels great, but might attract pet hair since human hair and lint catches on it, we have already noticed.5
Trash!ElvinThe chair seat lip broke on 2 of our 4 chairs. Right over 1 year of having them. Apparently CS gives zero cares and there is zero warranty or refund or replacement offered. 1
The red color is great!ShelleyI've had other colors of the Odger chair and when I saw the red and the black one in the discount area, I bought both of them just so I could interchange them with my current chairs. It has a nice pop of color without being too bright. I think they're very comfortable and they fit nicely around my table in my small condo. They don't take up a lot of room but are quite comfortable to sit in.5
Difficult assemblyAmitI purchased two chairs (black) and the item that I opened did not line up correctly. Following the directions, the chair and base were off by several millimeters and would not interlock following the technique demonstrated in the instructions. Eventual resort to brute force led to the chair breaking. Given the curvature and alignment of the base and chair did not line up, I suspect I got a bad item. Return process was seamless and I received a full refund. I did not open the second chair to see if that had a similar problem.1
Manufacturing Issue? Back breaks within monthsSahelI have purchased several of these chairs and they last about 6-8 months and then the backs break off. Both times the backs broke when my children (5 years old, 12 years old) were sitting in them. I’m wondering if there is some issue with the manufacturing process that would cause this material to degrade so quickly and then shatter?1
goodPaulalook cheap5
So comfortableKaren L.Easy assembly. Very comfortable. I love that it’s made with recycled materials.5
Comfortable, Stylishly Simple DesignCarrieI have a kitchen counter that is table height. I was looking for a comfortable chair for a disabled child, that he wouldn't slide out of. Our dining chairs were not working for him. The design keeps him sitting upright, and from sliding down. I also work at that area during the day. This chair is so much more comfortable than the hard wood chairs we used to use. I no longer use a chair cushion. Easy to put together. Simple, clean design. The only downside is I need to slide my son to the counter once he's sitting, and the chair doesn't slide well. I also haven't found a slider to attach to the legs that works.4
Beautiful ChairsAyannaSturdy, comfortable, and cute5
Perfect ChairsBrialanThese chairs are the easiest to assemble! They are very simple to clean and they are comfortable.5
Very comfortable and practical. MyLinneaVery comfortable and practical. My only disappointment was that the boxes were labeled Royal blue, but they were actually a dull Navy.5
I love itBinhGood5
Don't buyJamieCheap chairs 4 broke in under 1 year of use. I bought a total of 8. Save yourself the wasted expense and do not buy.1
Simple!LindsayEasy to assemble, very sturdy! Seeing them in the Ikea dining room convinced me that they could withstand a lot of wear/tear.5
Love themAnnetteLove them5

Designer thoughts

Designer thoughts

"When we designed ODGER chair we were inspired by both ski boots and pie dishes with removable bottoms. The reason was that we wanted to find a way to quickly and easily attach the legs to the seat and backrest. In the end, the solution was a simple click mechanism. Another innovation is that the material is a mix of renewable wood and recycled plastic. The result is a chair with true, clean lines ‒ which is also very comfortable to sit on thanks to the bowl-shaped seat and the rounded backrest."

Designers John Löfgren and Jonas Pettersson