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KROPPSVARM Potpourri in a bag, lavender,

Price $ 1.99/0.022 lb
KROPPSVARM Potpourri in a bag, lavender, 0 oz
KROPPSVARM Potpourri in a bag, Mint, 0 oz

How to get it

The scent of lavender adds a fresh touch to your wardrobe or linen closet. Firmly squeeze the lavender bag once per week to regularly release the fragrant oil of the flower.

Article Number804.823.73

Product details

Each bag contains whole, dried lavender leaves which provide a more intense scent over a longer period of time compared to finely cut leaves.

The fresh lavender scent becomes stronger if you squeeze the bag.


Height: 4 "

Net weight: 0 oz


Hardly any scentEvelynI was disappointed with this one, there was hardly any scent, and I thought of returning it, but my time and gas cost more than $.99 cents, but I'm still irked though. It smells like a teabag, more than mint. My mint teabag has more mint smell than this. I threw it away. I Don't recommend this product.1
Spring in my kitchenKarenThe towels are absorbent and a bright addition to my kitchen.5
Doesn’t seem effective MayaNice scent but doesn’t seem to work in our coat closet.2
Mint sachetsErinLove these for putting in our RV to help keep rodents away. And they smell good!5
Smells greatMelodyThis scent is great for my husbands closet.5
Good smellMelodyThis helps keep orders out of my closet. Fresh!5
Clever mint scent packet - SQUEEZE ME !BurtonDoesn't seem to be much scent, until you follow the directions and squeeze the packet of dried mint leaves; THEN the scent really shows up.4
Smells good TaylorSmells good 4
The scent is not strong enough.IvettVery nice scent, it is just not strong enough and doesn't hold for long either.3
Smell greatJustinI have a closet space below the stairs. It has some smell of stale that might be due to a water leak many years ago. I placed a bag of this small wonder and totally covered the smell. Good stuff.5
Didn’t last longQuyenIt’s useful for closet, trash can or else but didn’t last long till 7-10 days.3
Does not lastMelindaI bought three of these and two were in small drawers. The scent didn't last at all. I tried squeezing the packet as illustrated and the seam split on the bag. These are junk. Skip them.1
InexpensiveAnnalynused it to keep cats away from my garden5
Didn’t lastEricaThis scent didn’t last it lasted about 30hr. Judy over a day. It’s pricy fir it not to last2
Smells so freshJulianaThe smell it brings is fantastic when you get it close to your nose. But it doesn’t smells much when you place it somewhere in the closet …3
Simply beautifulClaireAffordable, lavender sachets, perfect for closets and drawers.5
Smells greatMelodyThis scent is great for my husbands closet.5
Good smellMelodyThis helps keep orders out of my closet. Fresh!5
Nice strong scentSusanSmall but great scent. Need to stock up!5