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JÄTTELIK Soft toy, egg/dinosaur/dinosaur/ankylosaurus,

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The JÄTTELIK collection is a dream for all dinosaur lovers, with everything needed to transform a children's room into an exciting world full of prehistoric animals of all sizes, colors and shapes.

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This heavy Ankylosaurus is like a tank as it moves along with its short, heavy legs. But watch out if it starts waving its tail! The big club can knock anyone over.

Egg, dinosaur, or both? You can choose since the toy changes shape when you turn it inside out.

This dinosaur is also available in a larger size. It can feel safe to hold hands with someone bigger when you’re little.

Imagine having a dinosaur friend. The JÄTTELIK collection has 11 soft versions of these exciting prehistoric animals – and one egg! And all just as cuddly and adventurous. Which is your favorite?

All soft toys are good at hugging, comforting and listening and are fond of play and mischief. In addition, they are reliable and tested for safety.


Ann-Cathrine Sigrid Ståhlberg


Length: 14 ½ "


So cute! MissyPerfect for any Dino lover! The fact it changes from an egg to the Dino makes it two toys in one! Great quality and an added plus they are extreme durable and washable! 5
Dino familyHelenFantastic, very well made. I ordered 5 different dinosaurs and the grandkids love them. Very pleased with order.5
Grandson adores him!LizMy 6y.o Dino-obsessed grandson said this was just the best gift ever; took it to school the very next day for “sharing” Happy kiddo, happy Grannie!5
Product was great but...EdwardThe product was great. My niece loved it but the shipping was not good. I had to order it twice. The first time it never got to the destination. And both times that I ordered it kept showing it was delayed. I finally got it but I'm not sure if the problem with shipping was Ikea or FedEx5
The perfect Easter egg!DeborahDinosaurs are in with my grandkids! This was the perfect Easter present as this little Dino turns inside out and becomes an egg. We had so much fun! They loved them.5
Cute little dinoJoyMy Dino loving daughter chose this ankylosaurus. She’s happy with it5
Read the commentAbrahamBiggest little Dino5
My stepson loves this!VeronicaMy stepson loves this!5
Fun toy for my 5RachelFun toy for my 5 year old!5
Cute. Grandbaby loves her dinosaur.ChristinaCute. Grandbaby loves her dinosaur.5
granddaughterCindyshe loves that you can make it back into an egg5
So cute for the moneyJudySo cute for the money5
My son loves it!MelissaMy son loves it!5
These are greatPriscilaThese are great5
My 4yr old loves dinosaurs.CheriseMy 4yr old loves dinosaurs. This plush is perfect for him.4
My grandson fell in loveThereseMy grandson fell in love immediately & takes where ever he can5
Grandson loved itVerified BuyerIt looks like egg that hatches into a dinosaur5
Wonderful ankylosaur for my grandsonKathleenWonderful ankylosaur for my grandson who’s dinosaur mad like his grandma.5
Love itVictoriaMy son loves it . He wanted all the dinosaurs but we only bought this one. Now we have to go back for more. They last through everything my son puts it through5
Soft and fluffyAureliaThis one is really great too. If one of the associate didn’t show us, we wouldn’t have known if this can actually turn into a dino egg! Pretty cool.5
JÄTTELIK Soft toy, egg/dinosaur/dinosaur/ankylosaurus, 15 "

Why do children love dinosaurs?

JÄTTELIK is for all small dinosaur lovers. Those who can easily best us adults when it comes to facts about the eating habits of Tyrranosaurus Rex, and who will tell you that a Velociraptor could run 30 miles per hour. But what is it about dinosaurs that fascinates some children so much? What makes them memorize an incredible amount of facts – and very long names? We had the help of an expert to understand better.

Lina Bodestad is a licensed psychologist specializing in children’s development. She believes it is the combination of reality and fantasy that makes these prehistoric beings so intriguing. “Dinosaurs have animal-like qualities that the child can relate to, but they also stimulate the imagination with their fairytale qualities. Like being able to fly like a dragon or having sharp monster teeth. When the lines between reality and fantasy become blurred, a child can feel a tingling sensation of curiosity and excitement.”

Making the world more understandable

But it's not all about diving into an exciting and magical world. For children aged three to six, there is often a need to systematize their surroundings, like when they sort their toys by color. “There is something thrilling for children of these ages about collecting facts and understanding how things are connected and can be compared and categorized. The world becomes a little more understandable", Lina explains.

Boosting confidence

Since details and facts are important for children, all the dinosaurs in JÄTTELIK are inspired by the real ones. Having this special knowledge gives them a first sense of truly mastering something – and it boosts their confidence. “While you as a parent maybe don't know much, the child can take pride in knowing more than you about the differences between carnivores and herbivores some 65 million years ago.”


Sure, they’re cute but are they safe? Absolutely!

You can rest assured knowing that all our children’s products live up to the highest health and safety standards. We put our toys to the test – up against the toughest in the world (much tougher than any two-year-old). All so you can worry less and they can play more.

Function solution

Soft toys to hug, again and again

We know our soft toys should handle many years of love. That’s why we’ve chosen comfy materials, embroidered eyes, performed rigorous washing tests – and ensured that we test them for harmful chemicals. Simple to keep clean and fresh since they can be machined washed.