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HEKTAR Floor lamp w/3-spots and LED bulbs, dark gray

Price $ 89.99

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The simple, oversized metal shape is inspired by old lamps from places like factories and theaters. Used together, HEKTAR lamps support different activities and create a unified, rustic look in the room.

Article Number803.936.16

Product details

You can switch each of the lamp heads on or off individually and direct the light wherever you want so that you can, for example, use one as an uplight and the others for reading.

The height is adjustable to suit your lighting needs.


Ola Wihlborg


Max.: 8.6 W

Height: 69 "

Base diameter: 12 "

Shade diameter: 6 "

Cord length: 110 1/4 "


Tatiana ReusingTatianaI love the industrial look and the light is very bright.. love it5
Very versatileRachelI got this lamp for an area where I need light in different directions at different times. This lamp is perfect!5
Excellent Office LampAlexandraThis lamp was the perfect edition to my home office. I enjoy having all three of the lights plus the option to choose to have just one, two, or all on at a time by the press of respective lamp buttons. It feels sturdy and well made, including the base which has substantial weight to it, so there should be plenty to resist any accidental bumps from kids or pets. I also like that the lamps are adjustable to different heights, however, keep in mind you are limited because of cord length and placement with each. Overall, I’m very happy with this product!5
Easy to assemble and itWen-IEasy to assemble and it works great5
Great productsGlendaGreat products5
E12 bulbWilasineeI should have read the review. I am trying to make it work here. I plan to buy the adapter so that I would be able to this lamp with regular bulb E26...... But then I am scared of the temperature and exceed w. It required max 8.6w. It was a cute design though. This important information should be stated firstly in the product detail. so frustrated.1
ObsessedTammyLove this lamp, super sturdy & a great look!5
It gives less light thanGabrielaIt gives less light than I expected. But it’s ok5
We got this lamp atFrederickWe got this lamp at a great price, worth every penny.5
The Good and the BadHarryThe good, Hektar provides good light options with the adjustable lamp heads and the styling is classic if not a bit industrial. The bad, The lamp heads don't always stay in position. It appears they will not tighten enough to keep them in position.4
Great!BryanDoes exactly what I need and easy to put together5
Power and BulbsBrianI purchased 2 of these lamps while in Europe and now live in the USA. I purchased the E12 bulbs but their base is to small for the socket in the lamps. Also, is the power cord suitable for USA power or do they need to be rewired. Hoping a plug adapter will work. We love these lamps, please help save them.4
Modern, Sturdy and BRIGHTAdrianaPurchased for my husband’s reading room - for some cozy reading light and for aesthetic lighting. Everything about this lamp is pleasing for us minus the high daylight lumen bulbs that come with the lamp. The garish light is off-putting. We adjusted the spotlights but ended up with an awkward impractical and unaesthetic result. So.. We purchased, a set of 3, GE relax 25 watt EQ B11 bulbs from our hardware store. Total cost, $12. Made a significant difference. Husband likes it more, but, still prefers the overhead light pendant better. Main point. If you are looking for a functional aesthetic reading light, this may not be for you.4
Please note the light bulb sizePeterThis product does not use a standard light bulb size. It also doesn't explicitly call out this information anywhere. This would only be a minor inconvenience, however the smart light bulbs we use do not make a light bulb in that size.1
Adjustable light sourceTszYou can easily adjust the position and angle of illumination. You can also selectively switch on/off individual light bulb.5
wildly disappointed and frustratedCandiceI am looking for a light that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional for my plants. I saw this, and the HEKTAR clamp lights (was going to use those as bed-side lights) and WOW. I am so frustrated. It does come with bulbs (those asking) specifically E12 bulbs. Nowhere on this listing does it state the bulb requirements, I assumed its was the US standard E26... The clamp lights take E17! Both are such a small bulb and frankly it doesn't need to be, both housings are plenty large for an E26. If a designer is going to make a specific series, they should keep the bulb base close if not the same across the board. Whoever is managing the website... maybe add the bulb sizes? I can't speak on anything else about the light, and I would recommend it to a friend BUT warn them about the bulbs.1
Not worth it for me :(ClareThis would be a GREAT lamp, but for one thing. On the very first day I opened it and put it together, something gave out (a stripped washer? not really sure, don't know much about this sort of thing), causing the lamp to lean - it stays up in the base, but is loose and will tilt to one side or the other. I had my boyfriend who is more savvy look at it, and he thought it was poorly designed and didn't know how I could fix it. I know I followed the directions for assembly carefully. I love love love the lamp so much, I just wish it didn't lean to the side from day one. And I can't justify purchasing a replacement, because if it IS the design, it might just happen again. :( I should have called when I first bought it, and maybe their customer service could have helped me. If yours manages not to lean, you'll absolutely adore this lamp!!1
Shed a Little Light on the SubjectPaulaThis is a very versatile floor lamp as it is easy to position the height and angle of the three lamps.5
HektarPeterNice, solid well built lamp. The heavy base anchors the lamp and finish works in any decor.5
It’s perfectJennyIt’s perfect5


What is steel?

Steel has unique characteristics when it is stretched and shaped since it remains strong. It provides strength to everything from skyscrapers and cars to bed frames and outdoor furniture. The steel industry is moving in the direction of more energy-efficient production and stronger steel qualities. It doesn’t lose any of its properties when recycled and today steel is one of the most recycled materials in the world.

Designer thoughts

Designer thoughts

“When I designed HEKTAR spotlight I was so inspired by the look that I designed a few more lamps. I was inspired by old factories and wanted to bring that feeling into the home. The large lamp shades in metal are contrasted by a glossy cream-colored lining inside. This, together with the large details, is what creates the industrial feeling. Thanks to the large shades and light lining HEKTAR gives very good light, and a lot of it.”

Designer Ola Wihlborg