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HAVSEN Apron front double bowl sink, white,

Price $ 249.00

25 year limited warranty

How to get it

HAVSEN apron front sink is a beautiful detail in your traditional kitchen, and it also fits in a kitchen island. You can spend more time on other things thanks to its easy-care ceramic surface.

Article Number592.537.26

Product details

25-year Limited Warranty. Read about the terms in the Limited Warranty brochure.

The sink does not reach all the way to the back of the worktop, which allows you to install a kitchen mixer tap and add other sink accessories as you like.

An apron front sink allows you to stand closer to the bowl without needing to lean forward when you wash dishes, which may feel more comfortable for your back.

Easy to clean, with soft rounded corners.


IKEA of Sweden/Nike Karlsson

  • LILLVIKEN strainer is included in the price, but packaged separately.

    Ceramic sinks are kiln-fired, which makes each one unique and the size may vary slightly from the measurements given.

    Fits cabinet frames 36" wide.

    Fits countertops with a minimum thickness of 1".

    May be completed with LILLVIKEN lid.

    May be completed with sink accessories for effective use of space on the sink.

  • Material
    Sink strainer with stopper
    Main parts:
    Strainer/ Strainer basket:
    Stainless steel
    Synthetic rubber
    Apron front double bowl sink
    Ceramic, Colored glaze
    Apron front double bowl sink

    Do not use scouring-powder, steel wool, hard or sharp tools which can scratch the surface.

    To avoid lime scale stains, rinse the sink with water and wipe it with a dry cloth

    Wipe clean with a soft cloth dampened with water and a mild dish detergent or soap, if necessary.

    Wipe dry with a clean cloth.


Cut-out measurement width: 17 "

Cut-out measurement length: 34 1/2 "

Large bowl, depth: 7 1/2 "

Large bowl, width: 16 1/8 "

Large bowl, front to back: 15 3/4 "

Large bowl, volume: 8 gallon

Small bowl, depth: 7 1/2 "

Small bowl, width: 16 1/8 "

Small bowl, front to back: 15 3/4 "

Small bowl, volume: 8 gallon

Front to back: 19 "

Length: 37 "

Width: 37 "

Depth: 18 7/8 "

  • This product comes as 3 packages.
    HAVSENArticle Number103.592.15

    Width: 21 ¾ "

    Height: 10 "

    Length: 41 ¾ "

    Weight: 69 lb 11 oz

    Package(s): 1

    LILLVIKENArticle Number503.254.26

    Length: 2 ¾ "

    Weight: 8 oz

    Diameter: 4 ½ "

    Package(s): 2


Cracked!FIDELThe sink cracked with a large crack from the sink hole to up one of the sides after about 2 months after install.1
Beautiful sinkDONNAThe size of the sink is perfect! I wassure about the double, but I've used it for about a week & love it. Installation was a little difficult for me since I didn't cut the counter opening properly. I would recommend a circular saw instead of jig saw.5
unsatisfactoryDANNY P.We purchased this sink with the hopes that it was a quality product. We built a custom cabinet to fit. We set the sink in the cabinet late one night with the intentions of hooking up all the plumbing the next day. We got up to a CRACKED basin! No load was ever applied! No fitting issues, well braced etc. I cannot recommend this product!1
Great sinkKeith N.I’ve had no problems since installing this sink. I dislike the faucet that was chosen because it doesn’t extend out far enough but after using it I’ve been able to live with it. The sink itself looks great. I seen someone leave a bad review about the sink cracking when pouring hot liquid. I have always ran cold water while pouring really hot liquid down the sink so I’ve not had that problem. I really doubt the person was being honest anyway. This is a really great addition to my kitchen.5
Be Warned Defective product! CracksCHARITY H.Be warned this sink is terrible! It is a complete faulty item that they should NOT BE SELLING. Our whole kitchen we entrusted with IKEA from specialist planning, product, to installation and the sink was a complete fail in product but it affects our counters! I specifically told the specialist I needed a sturdy durable sink and was assured the sink would be fine but less than a year in, the sink cracked, so through the warranty we had it replaced with the same sink but again less than a year of use the sink cracked again at the same corner! I’m now in the process of opening a case not only for a refund of the sink but also reimbursement for the countertop because the dimensions are very specific and non replaceable. The product itself is faulty and the specialty service has failed all my assurances.1
it’s awesomeElvisit’s awesome4
Cracked the first yearCharles E.Great price but it cracked in the first year. Sadly Ikea did not honor their 25 year warranty.1
Great sink!HelenaLove the large size and the double sinks! And it's the best bang for your buck if you want a large sink!5
Going strong after two yearsWhitney B.I’m surprised at the number of negative reviews here. This sink has been a dream for me. As some have pointed out, a fraction of the price of other Farmhouse sinks on the market, and very attractive. People can’t believe I got it at IKEA for the price I did! I also prefer it because it isn’t back-breakingly deep like some of the expensive ones. (I’m nearly 6’ with regular height counters. Think of your backs, people!) I completed my own kitchen remodel (a friend helped me lift) with butcher block, this sink, and a fancy-pants Kohler faucet I found on eBay. I am a heavy-duty cook (used to work in restaurants), and do not own a dishwasher, so the sink sees plenty of work. I have absolutely no complaints even after THE TWO YEARS OF PANDEMIC COOKING ALL THE TIME. As for the folks who cracked theirs with very hot liquids, I always run some cold water in my sink and drains to help protect them while I drain pasta water. It’s just physics. Same thing with pre-heating a glass French press.5
Great looking sink. Follow installJACQUESGreat looking sink. Follow install instructions to the letter and take your time. Slightly heavy, takes two men to install.5
No problemsShakita D.I personally like the sink so far. It's almost a year of having it. The sink sits on the countertop. The faucet is drilled into the countertop as close as possible to the sink. I have not had a problem with cleaning the sink. We will see down the line, but honestly no problems with this sink so far.4
GarbagePHXNYCThis sink broke after a year and half of use. The left side was cracked within weeks and now the right side is smashed after a pot slipped from my hands. Because its not a standard size, and IKEA doesn't have another sink with the same dimensions, we are stuck buying another of the same. If you have never remodeled before, I strongly recommend porcelain and a standard size so you aren't stuck like we are.1
Broken sink after 3 monthsDNO MarylandI bought this sink along with my IKEA new kitchen in March 2020. By July 2020 it has 2 huge cracks with water seeping under the sink cabinet. I have to buy a new sink and all the labor associated with revomal and installation of a new sink1
Cracked after 1 1/2 years of useValerie StewartWe bought this sink a couple years ago for our new construction. It has been installed for about 19 months. We love the way it looks...or we did until nine days ago when the sink cracked as I was draining some pasta. I didn’t drop anything—I just poured some hot water down the drain when there was a THUNK and a crack appeared around the right side of the drain and extending all the way to the back of the sink. I was able to find my receipt and we drove the next day to IKEA. We were told there was no one there to help us but if we’d leave the copy of the receipt and our contact information, we would get a call the next day about our options. Eight days later, still no call. I’ve tried to call the store twice this morning and the message says they’re too busy to take my call. I have always experienced fabulous customer service with IKEA and I’m dismayed that our problem is being handled in this way. When a product has a 25-year warranty and you have done nothing to void that warranty, you should not have to stress about whether or not your problem will be addressed. And NO ONE should have to replace their kitchen sink after a year and a half.2
Beautiful and affordableLauralooI bought this sink 13 years ago when I remodeled my cottage. It’s beautiful and cost a fraction of what a designer farmhouse sink would cost. My contractor was worried about it’s durability. He thought one bug pot dropped in the bottom would be a disaster. I do recommend putting a plastic or silicone Sink Liner in the bottom for protection. I have had absolutely no problems. I do not own a dishwasher and I also rent out the cottage so renters have been using it with no problems. There is one small 1/4” chip on the ribbed area but it’s minor ,a renter dropped a heavy tool on it.5
Not standard size and crackedlktyspltI bought a house that was remodeled already and the contractor installed the previous model sink (drip plate all the way to wall and 26 deep). It is cracked and there is no standard size to replace it. I may have to replace the counters along with the sink. Trying to see if Miracle Method can reseal sink, but it is ceramic, not porcelain.1
CrackedCandinrI have the old version of this sink with the drip tray in the back. I noticed a crack the other day that is getting worse. I am now wondering what in the world am I supposed to replace it with as it has uncommon dimensions.3
Cracked and leaking less than 2 months old. AvoidHarleychartI bought this in October, was installed in November, mounted underhung below a large quartz top on an island. Yesterday we dropped a light flowerpot about an inch above the bottom, and it cracked the sink. So bad that now it leaks water into base cabinet, and must be replaced ASAP. Newsflash to IKEA designers, people drop things in sinks! Now we have to figure out best way to remove sink and replace. We won't be using this product as a replacement. Save yourself time, money, and grief, and avoid this sink!1
Great in our remodelsam214We bought this in October as an alternative to the more expensive apron front sinks. We were pleasantly surprised when the guys installed it so that it was a drop in sink. It looks amazing with our cabinets and granite countertops. Wish I could upload pictures!5


What are ceramics?

Ceramic is a heat-resistant and durable material that has been used by humans to make practical objects for thousands of years. The base material is different types of clay that are oven-burned and become things like terracotta, stoneware, pottery and porcelain. At IKEA we mainly use ceramic for plant pots, porcelain, washbasins and kitchen sinks. Since it can be shaped and even glazed to the desired color and shine, the possibilities of styles and looks are endless.