EKET Cabinet with 2 drawers, white, 27 1/2x13 3/4x13 3/4 "
EKET Cabinet with 2 drawers, white, 27 1/2x13 3/4x13 3/4 "
EKET Cabinet with 2 drawers, white, 27 1/2x13 3/4x13 3/4 "
Article Number003.339.47

Product details

A simple unit can be enough storage for a limited space or the foundation for a larger storage solution if your needs change.You can create your own unique solution by freely combining cabinets of different sizes, with or without doors and drawers.You can choose to place the cabinet on the floor or mount it on the wall to free up floor space.The drawers have integrated push-openers, so you don’t need knobs or handles and can open the drawer with just a light push.Must be completed with EKET suspension rail if you choose to mount the frame on the wall. This frame requires 1 suspension rail, 27½" long, sold separately.To be completed with feet, legs or a toe kick if you choose to place the cabinet on the floor. Feet, legs and toe kick sold separately.Max. load 22 lbs per horizontal surface if placed on the floor.The maximum load for a wall-hung cabinet depends on the wall material.Designer

Jon Karlsson

  • Back panel:Fiberboard, Paper foil, Paper foil
    Panel:Particleboard, Honeycomb structure paper filling (100% recycled), Fiberboard, Paper foil, Plastic edging
    Drawer bottom:Fiberboard, Printed acrylic paint, Printed acrylic paint
    Drawer back/ Drawer side:Particleboard, Plastic foil
    Drawer front:Particleboard, Paper foil, Paper foil, Plastic edging
    Wipe clean with a damp cloth.Wipe dry with a clean cloth.
  • EKETCabinet with 2 drawersArticle Number:003.339.47
    Width: 16 ¼ "Height: 4 ¼ "Length: 37 ¼ "Weight: 36 lb 6 ozPackage(s): 1

Product size

27 1/2 "
13 3/4 "
13 3/4 "
Drawer width (inside): 
24 13/16 "
Drawer depth (inside): 
11 "
Maximum load/drawer: 
7 lb


Works and looks good. AlthoughMelissaWorks and looks good. Although it’s a bit of a miracle it actually works because of the troubles I had putting the final pieces together.3
Easy assemblyMICHAELEasy assembly4
sturdy legos for adults!AcceberAs long as you take your time & pay attention to the pictograph instructions, you'll do just fine with this. The drawers are a fair bit shorter height-wise than I'd like, but I'm making it work. a towel on the work surface is a good start, and if you choose the hammer or mallet as a helping aid (not all of us can nudge things in place with just our bare hands), use something in between like a folded up towel to protect it! drawers slide nicely. I purchased this in conjunction with some others to make a tower-don't forget to secure it to the wall!4
Makes a great benchKRISTIWe put two of these side by side to create a clean, modern storage bench. The touch latch drawers means no handles are needed keeping the look sleek.5
Love my cabinet.Mabel Apollo BeachI bought these cabinets for my guests rooms. They work great and because they are floating there's lots of room on the bottom. I highly recommend them.5
Nice design but too flimsyJohnfromMichiganThe color is a nice neutral grey. The finished surface leaves a bit to be desired though; It's not metal, just some type of particle board with a very thin coat of grey paint. It seems like if you spill something on it or drop an object on it the surface will be permanently damaged. It gets fingerprints very easily. The drawer functionality works well. They’re on a track so it’s not just sitting on top of the other surface. Push in and the drawer springs back out an inch or so. The inside back of the drawer and back of the whole piece is even flimsier. It’s like a grey cardboard. It flexes easily, but it’s on the inside, so that might not be an issue. Ultimately I returned this. The quality just wasn’t as nice as I had hoped.3
Perfect for Craft DrawersStephaniemclWe bought 4 of these mounted to the wall and put the IKEA EKBACKEN Countertop, concrete effect on top. Perfection!! They are classic IKEA assembly..so get some music on and maybe a beer to do it!5
Good set of drawersJenLKittyI like these drawers. They fit well with the ekat cabinet with 4 compartments. The drawers open really nicely. I recommend reading through the directions before putting together. We ended up not putting the back on the set of drawers, you can't tell anyway.4
Not durable enough!SamNYCI have 3 of them less then a month ago and one of them has a drawer problem already / it does not close properly. Great space saver and it might be perfect if you ll not use drawers that often...2
Awesome!paula2020This cabinet will make any space look great. It is practical, easy to assemble, spacious and can be combined with other EKET products to make it useful on many different ways. I love it and I always get compliments about it.5
Perfect, but...Pro Shelf HangerInstructions could have been a bit more detailed. Luckily, I’m a genius so I figured it out without using all the instructions.4
Great for organizationWessieEasy to put together and working out great. Definitely recommend it5
A year into having it and I still love it!MalindseyI love this! I ended up using it for a little clothing (baby, Toddler) and it works perfectly. It did not take much time to build them either. We always get compliments on them as well.5
Stlgirl64Exactly what I was looking for. Perfect nightstands.5
Nice product, but..BludogNice product but I wish it came with the cleat need to hang it on the wall.5
Perfection / something oddJan12345After having built Eket with drawers / push doors / cubes and having no crafty skills whatsoever I thought it was time to write this review to assure anyone reading the negative reviews that there is something odd going on. If you follow the instructions then this is without a doubt one of the best IKEA building experiences I have ever had. It is so simple and fast that I wonder why I ever put up with Kallax, Pax and Billy. Even the wall mounting and tip over solution is light years better than it used to be at IKEA. Thank you for this wonderful product that is so versatile and flexible.5
LoveMagofaPurchased two sets of drawers to go with cubes and EKET cabinet; Looks great; I only wish that the drawers were deeper. Easy to put together.4
Great quality but hard to assemblyLeandro80I bought this product 1 week ago and I like it, but I think it is necessary too much strength to assemble it. The interlocking pieces are really tight !!! I preferred to have the fixing with screws. I much prefer the PAX series...3
Lacks PrecisionMMWDMPThe cabinets look nice but are lacking in the precision of the drawer mechanism. The adjustments lack the range to allow the drawer faces to sit flush and even making this look more like a $30 product than a $90 product. Opening and closing the drawers is also a clumsy task as it manages to latch/unlatch only half the time.2
EKET Cabinet with 2 drawers, white, 27 1/2x13 3/4x13 3/4 "

From grandfather's fishing boxes to playful storage

When product developer Petra Kammari Enarsson was a young student and often moved, she used to furnish her apartments with old fishing boxes given to her by her grandfather who lived on the west coast of Sweden. Years later, when Petra was developing the new EKET storage series, those boxes came to mind. How could she make the series as flexible as the boxes?

New technologies, new hobbies, a new family member ... both small and large changes affect life and people's needs at home, especially when it comes to all the things that we need space for. Petra Kammari Enarsson is a product developer at IKEA and often visits the homes of customers to experience their everyday living and how good storage can make life at home a little easier. She remembers a family in Copenhagen which expanded every other weekend with the daughter from a previous relationship. ”She didn't have her own room, but the family had a solution where she had a loft bed in the living room and her private things were in a chest on the floor”. Petra thinks it's a good example of how more and more people are living in small spaces, and that a large part of everyday living takes places in the living room where we want things to be both practical and stylish.

Flexible furniture for new needs

Another obvious trend around the world is that many people move more often - just as Petra did when she was young. ”The problem is that a lot of storage furniture is so inflexible – upon moving or new needs arising, they can't be adapted. This means storage isn't optimal and it's difficult to keep track of all your things”. These insights inspired Petra and her colleagues to start looking at a more flexible and personal storage solution – something that can easily be updated so that people don't have to buy new furniture as soon as something in life changes. Petra then started to think about those fishing boxes she had when she was young and which were so easy to stack and move as needed. What if you could make a piece of furniture which consists of various smart modules that can be easily moved around, removed and added to?

Building with blocks

Petra and her team started by ordering cardboard boxes in various sizes. They took the boxes to different room environments where they moved them around like building blocks – stacking and combining them in various ways. The team also researched detailed facts about storage: on average, how many magazines do we have at home? What’s the ideal height for people to put down their mobile phones? ”Many of us put keys, telephones or bags in a specific place when we come home. We usually do it automatically, without thinking about it”, says Petra. The height that seems to suit most people is 31½", so a shelf at that height was a given in the mix of shelves, drawers and cabinets in different colors and styles that eventually became the EKET storage series. ”I'm so pleased that we chose to prioritize playfulness and freedom of choice with all the colors and sizes of EKET”, says Petra, who's looking forward to visiting more homes. ”I think that the customers will find lots of exciting combinations that we haven't even thought of!”.

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Cabinet with 2 drawers, white27 1/2x13 3/4x13 3/4 "

EKET Cabinet with 2 drawers, dark gray, 27 1/2x13 3/4x13 3/4 "EKET Cabinet with 2 drawers, white, 27 1/2x13 3/4x13 3/4 "
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EKET Cabinet with 2 drawers, white, 27 1/2x13 3/4x13 3/4 "