BILLY Extra shelf, glass, 30x10 "

It is estimated that every five seconds, one BILLY bookcase is sold somewhere in the world. Pretty impressive considering we launched BILLY in 1979. It’s the booklovers choice that never goes out of style.


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You can use the extra shelves to make room for more stuff when your storage needs change.Handle with care! A damaged edge or scratched surface can cause the glass to suddenly crack or break. Avoid bumps from the side - this is where the glass is most vulnerable.Fits BILLY bookcase 31½"wide and 11" deep.The shelf does not fit bookcases purchased in the spring of 2014 or earlier.Designer

IKEA of Sweden

Product size

30 "
10 "
Max load/shelf: 
22 lb
2.15 sq feet


I love the shelf but.....JaNeinI purchased 8 Billy Bookcases in 2014 and I love them. They are the best. The extra shelves match the original finish. And here is the BUT, IKEA you changed the hardware that attaches to the bookcase. I did not know there was a change until I got home and I had to come back. Luckily I live a mile away. Your staff were great at getting me the correct hardware, but I was informed that it had been discontinued. So if anyone sees this and needs extra shelves, check the hardware to make sure that it matches your bookshelves.1
Extra Bily ShelfLouibeeThe shelf supports for the new Billy shelf don't fit my original Billy shelving system.1
DeJesus68The shelf was easy to set up5
Looks very nice in the billy bookcasefancyfrugalI use the billy bookcase as an art display. The glass shelves allow the are to show without taking away from the appearance. It looks great.5
No shelf pinsqwj09iIf you want to purchase this item online and have Ikea shipped it to you, think again! Ikea is known for their bad shipping and worse customer service. The shelves came to me with no pins and one corner chipped, now they're just useless.1
Doesn"t fit the older Billy bookcases.KayGI bought this glass shelf to use in an older Billy Bookcase that I was using between two new ones. Sadly, the hardware [supports] don't fit the older holes. I went back to the store to see if there were any adapters but the two people I asked didn't know.4
New hardware is badbob12348I got a new glass shelf to put in my bookcase I got 5 years ago. The old shelves have pegs but the new one has screw in supports. The clamping screw is cheap and would hardly turn and one of them is ruined. Also there is a sticker on the glass itself that requires goof off or something to get off. It's not worth the hassle to put in another glass shelf.1
Nice additionJKelly2Worked perfect after I had to go back to ikea to buy the supports. Didn’t pay attention and just thought they were in the package. Didn’t realize I had to purchase them separate.5
Billy book case shelvesInger AGood fit and finish for bedroom5
Great glassRon53Very nice appearance. Be sure to install before installing the doors. Otherwise, it is a very tight squeeze to maneuver them into position.5
Stop changing the shelf pegs.PW48Billy is a great product, except for the fact that the detail design keeps changing. The glass shelf which I just bought will not fit in my older cabinets, because the fixing peg size has changed. I get that the new pegs with locking screws are safer, but why not make them interchangeable?3
Extra shelfTwihard13I live the fact that I can adapt the Billy bookcase to suit my needs. I have an extensive collection of books, some tall, some small, and I like that I have the ability to utilize all of the space on the bookcase instead of leaving dead space.5
Great shelf...wrong shelf supportsDeanie CI bought 2 shelves recently because I needed more shelf space in my Billy shelves. However, I couldn't put the shelves in place because the shelf supports are the wrong size. The posts that are supposed to insert into the side wall of the Billy bookcase are smaller than the holes.3
Nice bookshelfEK in WHI bought extra shelves. Was easy to assemble.5
Be aware of the age of your Billy shelf!CallipygianKingI’ve had a set of Billy shelves in my living room for years, and they’ve held up very well. I got two of these to refresh them and found that the size of the pegs was changed. Whoops. So, had to drill new holes, but they still look great!4
Doesn"t fit our Billy shelf--too small by about 1yatzee20aDid the Billy shelves change in size sometime in the past couple years? We bought these to add to an existing Billy bookcase, but the shelves were off in size by about 1. Frustrating!2
Love the extra shelvesEphet2I love the way Ikea has furniture that you can adapt to what you need. I needed a show rack with shelves and the bookcase has the extra shelves available! It all fit perfect!5
Shelf reviewSatisfied ShelferSeriously. IKEA wants a review of a shelf. I would say it is functioning extremely well as a shelf. The shelfiest shelf I've ever had. Thank you so much IKEA for the extra shelf.5
Billy Extra ShelfAmong7We added an extra shelf to an existing product.5
Billy Is Da Bomb Dot Com Kid!TexasJakeEasy assembly, lots of versatility, I love Billy so much I bought 2 more plus extra shelves!!5

Extra shelf, glass30x10 "

BILLY Extra shelf, birch veneer, 30x10 "
BILLY Extra shelf, black-brown, 30x10 "
BILLY Extra shelf, glass, 30x10 "
BILLY Extra shelf, white, 30x10 "
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BILLY Extra shelf, glass, 30x10 "