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BILLY Bookcase, oak effect, 31 1/2x11x79 1/2 "

BILLY Bookcase, oak effect,

Price $ 79.00
BILLY Bookcase, birch veneer, 31 1/2x11x79 1/2 "
BILLY Bookcase, black oak effect, 31 1/2x11x79 1/2 "
BILLY Bookcase, black-blue, 31 1/2x11x79 1/2 "
BILLY Bookcase, brown walnut effect, 31 1/2x11x79 1/2 "
BILLY Bookcase, dark brown oak effect, 31 1/2x11x79 1/2 "
BILLY Bookcase, oak effect, 31 1/2x11x79 1/2 "
BILLY Bookcase, white, 31 1/2x11x79 1/2 "

How to get it

BILLY bookcase is a beloved icon that never goes out of style. Thanks to its versatility you can use it in many different ways at home – regardless of whether you store books or everyday items in it.

Article Number105.089.32

Product details

BILLY is a versatile bookcase that works just as good as a storage unit and is suitable to use in many different ways at home.

The shallow and adjustable shelves help you customize your BILLY and allow you to use it as you like – for storing everyday items, memorabilia or other things you collect.​

BILLY has a simple and timeless design that is easy to personalize by adding boxes, lighting and your favorite items.

Make it even more personal by adding doors, allowing you to both hide and display things. In this way your BILLY can get new functions and a new look as your style and living situation changes.

A single unit can be enough storage for a limited space – but you can add more bookcases, extension units and shelves to create a larger storage solution if your needs change.

The wooden expression with a tactile wood texture brings a warm and natural feel into your home and adds a beautiful and vibrant look to the room.

The back panel fixes in place with snap fittings – making BILLY easy to assemble and disassemble, so you can bring it when moving instead of buying a new one.


Gillis Lundgren


Width: 31 1/2 "

Depth: 11 "

Height: 79 1/2 "

Max load/shelf: 66 lb


Meets bookcase needLoriThis Billy Bookcase meets my needs for my room. I am happy with birch look and heaviness of shelving. Back is flimsy and definitely needs to be anchored to wall. The height I needed didn't come in corner unit but worked to use a single and a double. Task Rabbit I hired did a great job assembling and installing, taking 2 and a half hours. 3
Love itEricaThe shelf is an amazing addition to my living room and it looks great! Thank you for the timely delivery!5
Good bookshelf valueBrettI bought the bookshelf for my home office and it was easy to assemble and looks good.5
Great!JoanEasy to assemble, sturdy, good looking and well priced !5
Best bookcasesAngelaI was looking for a couple of nice bookcases without breaking the bank. The Billy bookcase more than met this. It is well made, easy to assemble and absolutely look great! I am very happy with this bookcase!5
I love this bookcaseMarkeishaThis book shelf is really functional and sturdy. I have used it as a shoe rack in my walk-in closet. It matches well with my closet shelving.5
Billy Book case review++++KarenWell made, sturdy, easy to assemble. LOVE it!5
Billy!MelanieLove love love! Billy is simply the best!5
Great solution for my libraryAnnetteI replaced some shorter shelves with enough Billy bookcases including the wider, narrow and corner units to fill one wall and wrap most of another floor-to-ceiling. I used them with the Oxberg doors that are paneled and glass. I could not be happier with the utility and the way these look - instead of books gone wild, everything is neat, clean and the room seems larger. My papers and supplies are in order. My valuable editions are protected. These are sized to combine perfectly and fit into an average room so that they look like built-ins. 5
Same good bookcasePeterI have purchased a dozen or two Billy bookcases over the years. They hold my books well and they look good together. These were no exception. They match the other two in the room and they are keeping the books well. Easy to assemble, too.5
Books and Nooks!MariaYou can never go wrong with an IKEA bookshelf! They look sleek, easy to assemble and sturdy! They don’t feel flimsy, especially the back portion of the bookshelf feels solid! Absolutely love my makeshift library! 5
Plastic hardware JenniferThe hardware that you twist into place are made of plastic, when they used to be made from metal. They break very easily and ikea doesn’t provide any extras in case they break. Of course I cracked two of them. IKEA used to have more quality now they’re cutting corners with cheap, plastic hardware. 1
Not the Old Billy I knew and lovedAnneI haven't bought and assembled a Billy book case in years. I have several in my apartment and just ordered some more for an office. I was disappointed to see that the round clasps that secure the top, bottom, sides and permanent shelves are now made of plastic vs metal and break if you accidentally turn them too much. That's a problem, because these were the parts that really held the pieces snuggly and tightly together. They're kind of crucial. (You only get exactly as many as you need, so be careful!) The shelf supports are also cheaper than they used to be, though not plastic...yet. I probably wouldn't buy a Billy again.3
Cute Color Bookshelf!JennaI love the color and the size of the bookshelf. I regret not purchasing 2 of the bookshelves. I really hope more of these will be released soon5
Easy to install RonaldGoes together very quickly and easily 4
Amazing bookcase CarlThere's a reason this is a classic Ikea item. Easy assembly and great pricing. I especially like that you can buy additional shelves, both glass and wood as well as a variety of door panels to fully customize and create a great looking piece for any room.5
Simple design ReneeThis is a great shelf. We have several in different areas in our house in various colors. I like the black the best. The shelves hold up well, even with heavy books. 5
Decent for price HindyIt is very decent for the price. But since a book case is made to hold books, if the shelves are filled completely you can end up have the shelves sag3
Finally! LisaI am so glad it finally comes in this color! Thank you!5
Billy ShelvesSamanthaNice and tall for lots of storage 5
BILLY Bookcase, oak effect, 31 1/2x11x79 1/2 "

An updated storage hero

BILLY bookcase has been a steady customer favorite for more than 40 years – but old faithful favorites also need to be updated to keep up with the times. We took a closer look at BILLY and came up with some ideas. One of them means more efficient use of materials, and another makes the bookcase easier to assemble and take apart.

“BILLY was introduced in 1979 and has helped millions of people to organize books and other things in the home. But the world has changed a lot since then, and even popular big-sellers need to adapt to new demands and ways of living,” says Umut Ates, one of our co-workers.

Paper means smarter use of raw materials

Instead of a thin layer of wood veneer, BILLY now has a hard surface of durable paper foil. ”The foil has different printed patterns that look like natural wood and means that less wood is needed to make each BILLY,” says Umut. Using materials only where they are needed is resource-efficient. “And it has meant another positive thing – an even more affordable BILLY.”

Easier to assemble and take apart

BILLY fits just as well in the living room as in other areas of the home – the office, dining room or library. It’s easy to expand and combine with other furniture. But one thing that has had potential for improvement is how the bookcase is assembled and taken apart. “Previously, you had to use about 50 small nails to get the back panel in place, but that’s history now. Instead, you snap on the back panel without any tools,” explains Umut. It also makes it easier to disassemble BILLY without damaging it if you move or want to resell your bookcase. “The improvements have made BILLY more adaptable – it can keep up changing life situations – and it wouldn’t surprise me if this storage hero is as popular in 40 years as it is today.”


An updated storage hero

BILLY bookcase has been a customer favorite for over 40 years – but even old faithful servants need to be updated to keep up with the times. We took a closer look at this storage hero and came up with some ideas. One means more efficient use of materials and another makes the bookcase easier to assemble and take apart. The improvements can be hard to see – except on the price tag – which has become even more pleasant to see.