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BESTÅ Soft closing/push-open hinge

Price $ 15.00/2 pack
Knobs and handles are sold separately.

How to get it

Can a cabinet door make everyday living in a home more comfortable? Yes! Thanks to these hinges, the door closes softly or can be pushed open. You choose, they can do both.

Article Number802.612.58

Product details

You can choose to use either the soft-closing or push-open function.

With the push-opener you don’t need knobs or handles and can open the door with a light push.

With the soft-closing function your doors close silently and softly.

  • Knobs and handles are sold separately.

    If you choose the soft closing function for your BESTÅ, we recommend complementing the fronts with knobs/handles to make the drawers/cabinets more convenient to open.

  • Material
    Metal part:
    Steel, Nickel plated
    Plastic parts:
    Acetal plastic


Package quantity: 2 pack

  • BESTÅArticle Number802.612.58

    Width: 7 ¾ "

    Height: 1 "

    Length: 9 ¾ "

    Weight: 9 oz

    Package(s): 1


Closing Mechanism for BestaDurairajDecent product Tough to align the doors4
Fantastic Hinges!!!Lawrence L.Don’t understand all the fuss with the screws or about adjusting and aligning doors. It’s a common style hinge. They work great. Now all that said I could understand a novice/ DIY’er struggling but shouldn’t complain when your trying to save money hiring doing it yourself versus hiring someone who knows what there5
JaseJasonEasy assembly, works great, cannot go wrong on the classic look.4
Some leak oil + hard to adjustElina K.Some of these hinges leak oil and need to be replaced. They can also be tedious to adjust so doors align in one direction, but then doors end up at different distances.2
Frameless hingesJOHANNEGreat product. Low price5
Open with easeSonyaWorks well on Besta Frame. Opens with ease5
Amazing, perfect, price and cualityRAQUELAmazing, perfect, price and cuality5
Lacks qualityMAGGIEI don’t like these hinges. They are hard to work with. The screws are poor quality.2
GoodTEJALGood for us purpose, but not so easy to assemble4
So pleased. Easy to assemble.LeslieSo pleased. Easy to assemble. Lovely in bedroom5
THEY DO WORK, with a trick.Ryan G.So I was having a similar issue with trying to get them to install, and I could not get them to sit flush with the door. I was going to proceed, but it just didn't seem correct. So I unscrewed them all the way, then screwed them back in. That was it! If you try to install them with the screws at the position they come in, the screw won't go all the way through; it gets stuck for some reason which makes them not flush with the door. Before you begin, unscrew the pre-installed screws (from the door side) all the way, THEN screw them in. It's annoying that you have to do this, but hopefully IKEA will see this comment and understand why so many people are having issues. Thank you for taking care of us, IKEA! I don't see many others offering quality furniture at a fair price.4
Broke within 10 min of installationHaemin L.Installation is easy, but after testing the door a few times and making some adjustments, the lubricant in the soft close mechanism started leaking and the cabinet wouldn't soft-close anymore. Had to go to my local home improvement store for replacements that were cheaper and worked better :( Everything else about the Besta is great, but the soft close hinges are a complete miss.1
So easy to adjust.Lawrie M.Bought a Bestå frame a decade (or more!) ago, and finally decided to add some doors I snagged in as-is today. The hinges are super easy to install, and to align the doors, you just need to give the adjustment screws a tiny turn or two to get everything perfect. Soft-close did not work until I removed the plastic bits at the top of the doors... even after adjusting the dial on the soft-close mechanism to max length. But without those upper plastic bits, everything works perfectly.5
HingesCourtneyThey work 👍5
Tv Console AdditionsHugoPurchased for Glass doors to install to our New Tv Console. The hinges work perfectly, however the spring push to open part did not work as intended. Maybe perhaps because it was placed to far in with the already drilled holes on Tv console. May require adjusting placement of it on console.5
That work so good.AngelaThat work so good.5


What is steel?

Steel has unique characteristics when it is stretched and shaped since it remains strong. It provides strength to everything from skyscrapers and cars to bed frames and outdoor furniture. The steel industry is moving in the direction of more energy-efficient production and stronger steel qualities. It doesn’t lose any of its properties when recycled and today steel is one of the most recycled materials in the world.