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BESTÅ Frame, dark gray,

Price $ 55.00
BESTÅ Frame, black-brown, 47 1/4x15 3/4x15 "
BESTÅ Frame, dark gray, 47 1/4x15 3/4x15 "
BESTÅ Frame, walnut effect light gray, 47 1/4x15 3/4x15 "
BESTÅ Frame, white, 47 1/4x15 3/4x15 "

How to get it

A simple frame can be the start of something great. Place on the floor or wall-mount with suspension rails. Add units, organise with shelves or put on legs. The possibilities for good storage are endless.

Article Number605.385.83

Product details

You can choose to stand the frame on the floor or mount it on the wall to free up floor space.

If you want to organize inside you can complement with BESTÅ interior fittings.

Steady on uneven floors, thanks to the adjustable feet.


IKEA of Sweden


Width: 47 1/4 "

Depth: 15 3/4 "

Height: 15 "


love it.Rociolove it.5
Great piece of furniture. UnbeatableVivianaGreat piece of furniture. Unbeatable price5
niceBarbaraWe have purchased Besta cabinets for our whole house over the years. This is the first time I've used this tall cabinet. It's more wobbly than the shorter ones, but it's ok for what I needed it for. You cannot hang it on the wall.4
AnaAnaGreat furniture easy assembled5
Good storageMarkNice unit5
FlimsyJulioThis unit is absolutely flimsy. Unlike many other IKEA units that I have purchased and assembled, this one is a nighmare, even with shelves, doors and drawers, it remains flimsy. Reading IKEA's responses... well, it's not easy to disassemble both, put it in the car and drive 30 miles to the next IKEA store to get what? The rest of the system has the same color, it's BESTA after all. Add reinforcement, built better products again! 1
VERY UNSTABLE TroyI thought I did something wrong during the assembly. I checked and double checked, and no, I did everything right. This thing wobbles side-to-side. It’s not stable at all. I plan on adding additional lateral bracing in the back, but the sad thing is I SHOULDN’T HAVE TO!!!! So frustrating. C’mon IKEA, do better!1
Not great when hanging on the wallEmilioFit and finish of the parts wasn't great. Then I went to hang it on the wall with the rails (not included; you need to buy them separately). I needed a lot of shims (not included with either the rails or the unit) because if your wall isn't absolutely flat (and trust me, it's not likely to be), the tabs won't go into the slots on the rails. It would be very easy for IKEA to include some plastic U-shaped shims to go around the screws near each slot. When this thing is mounted to the wall, all the weight on anything but the top shelf loads 6 plastic clips - you know, the ones you turn half a turn with a flat screwdriver. They used to be cast aluminum, now they are plastic, and it doesn't give me confidence that this can support rated loads. On the floor, these are nice and sturdy.2
Quality went down NataliaWe use ikea for many years. And every year quality goes down. This particular piece is the worse ever. Looks ok but material is very poor. 1
Wobbly without stabilizationRonI'm a huge IKEA fan. But for some reason this unit fell short of my expectations. After assembly, the frame was very wobbly. I had to use my own corner frames (I screwed "L" brackets on each corner in the back). Once I did this, it resulted in the solid frame I normally expect from IKEA. I couldn't see that any parts were defective. The "cams" didn't seem to grip quite as firmly as usual, but they held in place fine. It seemed like the design didn't have any stabilization, since the back just slides in grooves, with no other attachment to the frame. Anyway, it was fine after I used my own brackets. Just unusual for the usually perfect IKEA designs. 3
besta is the bestPeteras a longtime ikea fan, i’ve always wondered about besta but thought it was basically a bunch of TV units. but now i understand that it’s a really well designed storage system that can be used for almost anything. i mounted this above my desk and it holds way more than i could have expected. now i’m looking around the house for places that i can add more of these!5
BeståMary BethI needed a box to hold my items 4
Poor Quality Compared to Previous YearsKatieI have 3 units from 2013 and the finish isn't as glossy as before--quite rough to touch. The screws that you have to screw in are so soft that they strip (the instructions say no power drill for this reason but still it's difficult). Ended up having to use a wrench to twist them fully in or they don't fit properly with the plastic holders. 2
Craft roomCareyUsing the besta system for a craft room, works wonderful and is very clean with clean lines.5
ShelfShaleenaI love this shelf am I getting more of this item.5
Well made and versatileNikolaosAn excellent cabinet choice that is well made, sturdy and very versatile. Comes in different sizes for varying needs. One of the best IKEA products.5
Quality isn’t what it used to beKittyBought this unit to add to an existing unit and noticed the finish isn’t the same as previously purchased. Lesser quality.3
Versatile!KathrynWith the besta units you can create so many different size and color combination variations.5
Quality decliningReneeI've put together over 3 dozen Bestå cabinets and this is the first time I've had issues. The quality has certainly gone down. First, the cam screws were too large for the pre-drilled holes. They would only go in a quarter of the way. Whatever metal is being used for the cam screws is very cheap, as the screws began to bend when I tried tightening them after I couldn't continue to screw them in any farther. You can't screw them in using any power tools because the metal is so soft that the grooves for the screw driver/power drill become distorted and misshapen and you can neither screw in or unscrew the cam screws. I had to finally use a pair of pliers to get the screws in. Second, the grooves/guides that are cut into the sides, top, bottom and backing of the cabinet are all misaligned. The backing got stuck half way when trying to add it and then I couldn't get it back out. Someone tried to help me remove it, but it broke. If I could add photos, I would. Not what it used to be!1