IKEA food & restaurant

IKEA offers a range of food products inspired by Swedish traditions—perfect for curious taste buds! You’ll find classics like meatballs, and salmon prepared in all sorts of ways. There are drinks and treats too. And, we’ve made everything more sustainable, so it’s simply good food you can trust.

A blue saucepan with a pile of meatballs, sitting on a cooling pad on a table with side dishes.


Craving Swedish meatballs? You’ve found the right place! Visit your local IKEA Restaurant to enjoy a unique, authentic Swedish food experience including healthy, sustainable options, a fun kid’s menu and a refreshing drink. Happy eats!

A woman in a green sweater holding a tray of food with people dining behind her in the IKEA Restaurant.

Popular menu items

A plate of swedish meatballs with lingonberry sauce, potatoes and green beans against a white background.

Swedish meatball plate


A plate of a braised pork shank with potatoes and green beans against a white background.

Braised pork shank


Shrimp salad on a bed of greens on a piece soft wheat bread with a lemon wedge, all on a plate against a white background.

Shrimp sandwich


Restaurant hours

The IKEA Restaurant starts serving food 30 minutes before the store opens and stops serving 30 minutes before the store closes. There may be exceptions due to unexpected closures, remodels, etc. IKEA Carson does not have a restaurant.

Come dine with us

Check your local IKEA store for hours, location and more information about the Restaurant. When you visit, remember to bring a big appetite!

All food items are served on IKEA Restaurant dishware. To-go containers are available at your request.

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Shop swedish food market in-store only

Visit your local store to buy your favorite IKEA food items and enjoy them at home with family and friends. From delicious meatballs to sustainable salmon, and lingonberry jam to sparkling drinks, prepare for a traditional Swedish food feast!

Enjoy the taste of Sweden

IKEA bistro

Pick up a quick snack and drink for the entire family before you make the journey home with your new purchases. The IKEA Bistro has tasty frozen yogurt, hot dogs, veggie dogs, cinnamon buns and more. Treat yourself!

A young boy behind a glass counter looking at three veggie dogs in front of his parent.

Featured bistro items

A cinnamon bun viewed from above against a white background.

Cinnamon bun


A hot dog with mustard drizzled on it in a bun against a white background.

Hot dog


A cone of frozen yogurt with the IKEA brand on the label against a white background.

Frozen yogurt


Bistro hours

IKEA Bistros are open during regular store hours. There may be exceptions due to unexpected closures, remodels, technical issues, etc.

Grab a snack

Join us for some yummy foods at the Bistro next time you visit! Find your local store for hours, location and more details.

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