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DAKSJUS collection

Bring your planting dreams to life with the DAKSJUS collection. It features colorful planters, pots, plant stands and vases for growing and displaying your favorite green friends – even in small spaces – and accessories to help them bloom. With contemporary colors and patterns, the collection is at home both indoors and out. 

Ready, set, grow!


A smile with every spout!

Loving plants while having limited space can be a challenge. That is why we created the DAKSJUS plant stand, so you can maximize your plant collection vertically. The compact size and angled legs take up little room, and the round shape of the legs creates a soft look that complements the natural beauty of plants. And it’s simple to move since it’s made of sturdy, lightweight bamboo. This plant stand is like a blank canvas – ready for your creativity and beloved plants!

Wiebke Braasch, Luna gil & Anna-Maria NilssonDesigners

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