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Furniture sets

Space-creating furniture

Smart storage features like underbed storage along with flexible furniture that comes in different sizes means that the SONGESAND series can help free up space in your room, whatever its size – or shape. So you get room for all your activities and your things are organised and neatly out of the way.

A white SONGESAND bed with 2 storage boxes in an attic room with a wooden floor. A SONGESAND bedside table is beside it.
A white SONGESAND bed with 2 storage boxes that are open showing folded up textiles. Grey ÄNGSLILJA bed linen is on the bed.

Working from home made easy with a desk and chair set

Looking to set up a space to work from home? You’re in the right place. To make it a bit easier for you, we’ve paired up desks, chairs and storage in handy all-you-need-for-working-from-home sets. Whether you’re looking for furniture to fit a small space, ergonomic desks and chairs, or a particular style, you’ll find the right desk and chair set for you here.

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A workspace at home with dark blue walls, an ANFALLARE/KRILLE desk, a LÅNGFJÄLL conference chair and a BILLY bookcase.
A workspace at home with beige walls, a SKARSTA sit/stand desk, LIDKULLEN active sit/stand support and BESTÅ storage units.
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