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Eating your way to a lower climate footprint

What we eat has a huge impact on the environment, from food production to processing and disposal. Being more conscious about our food choices can reduce the impact on the climate and contribute to a more sustainable everyday life. Does this mean you have to compromise on taste? No – we believe you can have both.

A hand seasoning HUVUDROLL plant balls in a IKEA 365+ frying pan.
A small sandwich with cured cold smoked salmon served on a plate.

To protect future seafood supplies, all IKEA seafood is sourced with care not to disturb sensitive marine ecosystems.

A hand holding a cloudberry jam sandwich on a white plate.

Besides preserving biodiversity, organic farming helps to maintain soil health too.

A hand holding a packet of PÅTÅR coffee in front of a coffee plant.

Our PÅTÅR 100% Arabica, quality coffee is farmed in a responsible way. Learn more about PÅTÅR special edition.

The future is plant-based

We are committed to making 50% of the main meals on offer in our restaurants plant-based by 2025.

Plants require less water and less land - and produce far fewer of the greenhouse gasses that contribute to climate change.