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Our Lowest Price Wonderworkers

We believe that true design isn’t design unless it is affordable for the many people. That’s why we always offer you the lowest possible prices without compromising on quality.

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Living Room

The living room is the soul of the house, the essence of a cosy abode. A place for the family to spend time with, to host guests and to unwind after a long day. Pick furniture pieces that could fit everyone and provide comfort.


Create your personal slumber wonderland with our beds, soft duvets, smart lighting and curtains. Quality sleep to start off your day right, a restful night to end your day with.

Kitchen & Dining

Meals, family gatherings and dinner parties...there is so much your kitchen & dining area can do. Explore our range of affordable kitchen furniture and dinnerware for better mealtimes.

Home Office

Working in an organised space gets you into the state of flow to focus better on the task at hand. Find affordable furniture here to make working at home more productive.

Children's Room

Your little ones deserve a place for sleep, play and slumber. What’s better than a bedroom with functional furniture that combines funky designs and vibrant colours?


Easy ways to upgrade your bathroom without the need for power tools. Check out our range of affordable furniture for the bathroom to upgrade your cleaning routine.

Lighting & Decoration

Good lighting lets you focus better on what you are doing and helps to create the ideal atmosphere for any occasion.

Storage & Organisation

Handy, affordable furniture to keep items neat in place, so you can find what you need within an instant.

What defines a well-designed home? Is it the need for high-end designer furniture and good quality pieces made of premium materials? Or a big house furnished with intricate carvings, unique decor pieces and huge sprawling lawns? No matter how sophisticated a house design looks, if it collects clutter and is hard to navigate, it isn’t well-designed. Messy spaces with clutter and mismatched furniture disrupts the flow and form of a space, why not start with simple pieces to create a space that’s visually appealing and easy to maintain? 

Small apartments or large bungalows, everyone deserves a well-designed home that does not require breaking the bank. IKEA offers a wide array of well-designed, affordable furniture to curate your ideal home. Find a variety of furniture at lower prices with the same great quality here. Wonder how we keep costs low yet still maintain great product quality? Simple economics and smart design — we produce output in large volumes with smart design to achieve economies of scale, and incorporate flat packaging to reduce shipping costs. At IKEA, we value quality over quantity — affordable furniture pieces with simple design, fit for every space and many purposes. 

Firstly, start off by defining a function for each space at home, from the living room to the bathroom. Getting a clear picture of the functions of each space can help with affordable furniture purchasing decisions and prevent unnecessary purchases. For instance, if your family’s primary leisure activity is watching television and reading, then you need more floor space layered with a comfortable rug so that everyone can lounge around comfortably. Without gaming gadgets and entertainment systems to store, you can free up floor space with sleek, compact-sized TV cabinets and wall shelves

Secondly, pick functional and affordable furniture pieces to reserve adequate spacing and avoid clutter. Opt for side tables with additional storage space to keep the board games, or pick footstools that let you rest your legs and work as extra seats, all in one. In need of more space to place snacks and drinks? A multi-tiered trolley will be a better alternative to a larger side table, it can hold more snacks for everyone and can be transported easily to and fro from the kitchen — takes up less space but with higher flexibility. 

Thirdly, achieving balance in colours, space and style is crucial in creating a visually appealing space that you’ll want to spend time in. For example, if your living room has large windows, consider adding sheer light curtains on top of heavy drapery to regulate the amount of sunlight into the house. If there is an unused corner, you can transform it into a cosy reading corner with an armchair and floor lamp. Statement pieces like this help to spruce up dull, empty corners and give your house a defining character. 

IKEA aims to provide affordable furniture for the people — what is good design if it is not for the many? Stay updated with the latest campaigns and offers for home furniture and accessories to spruce up your space!