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How can we help you?

Want to check the status of your order? Want to know how to return a product? We can help. 

Here’s what you can do

Looking to check the status of your order? Want to return a product?

We have a convenient self service option which will let you do just that!

Ways to contact us

Not finding what you are looking for in our most frequently asked questions?  Reach out to us. Here are the different ways to get in touch. 


*Available only in Japanese.

To order via chat, please go to Japanese Phone & Chat Purchase page.


Do you prefer to contact us by phone? Feel free to make sure to have your order number or case number available for faster support.

*Call charges are 8.5 yen for 3 minutes from land-line phone, 10 yen for 20 seconds from mobile phone.​
*Not available from some IP phones.
*Please be careful not to call the wrong number.​​

*If you order via Phone, the delivery fee varies depending on the store that delivers your items to your home. Please have a look at Phone and chat service page.


Opening Hours

Individual Customers
10:00-19:00 (Everyday)

Business Customers
​10:00-18:30 (Weekdays and Saturdays)

Lost and Found

You can check for all lost items on iLost which is a lost property management site.If you have forgotten the item you purchased, you can search for it by product number.

*It can take some time after an item is found for it to be added to the page. If the lost item is not listed, please check again on another day.
*In order to prevent the spread of COVIT-19, we will immediately dispose of any found items (masks, etc.) that are considered to have a high risk of infection.