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Return policy

It's okay to change your mind!

IKEA products can be returned within 365 days of purchase, even if the furniture is assembled but unused and free from issues. All home furnishing products can be returned except for some products, such as outlet products (AS-IS), order-made products, and food. 
When returning a product, bring it to the IKEA store's return counter, where you purchased the product, along with your original receipt.

(Request for return)
You can return items by visiting the store or by delivery.


Express return - Smoother return

If you register your return online in advance, the waiting time will be shorter. After online registration, please bring the barcode sent to you by e-mail to the return counter along with the product.

If you come to the store, please bring the goods and the receipt to the store 1st floor return counter. If you wish to return your order by delivery, please contact our Customer Support Center. Please note that, in this case, the return fee will be borne by the customer. 

Other return exchanges

Love it or exchange it

Replacement of pillows, comforters and mattresses.

It takes time for you and your new mattress to get used to each other. That's why we give you 90 days to be sure you're compatible. If the chemistry isn't right, simply come back and choose another mattress. 

How to return or exchange

If you have any concerns about the purchased product, please come to the 1F return counter of store you have purchased from.