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Track and manage your order

Manage your order

If you have an account, please login to check the details of your order.

  • Order Details-Check shipping status
  • Apply for furniture assembly service
  • Cancellation – It may not be possible to cancel depending on the shipping status
  • Change delivery date and time-Cancellation may not be possible depending on delivery status

Order status

The status that allow you to cancel your order and change the delivery date and time are as follows.Please note that the service fee cannot be refunded or the order cannot be changed depending on the status.

I received your order

Delivery date and time change: 〇
Cancellation of order: 〇
Furniture assembly service application: 〇

Preparing to ship the product

We are picking up the products you ordered.
Change delivery date and time: ✕
Cancellation of order: 〇 Service fee is non-refundable
Furniture assembly service application: 〇

Completed shipping of ordered products

The ordered item has been handed to the delivery company.
Change delivery date: ✕
Order cancellation: ✕
Furniture assembly service application: 〇

In delivery

Delivering to your address.

Delivery completed

The item you ordered has been delivered successfully.


After receiving the item, you can return the item you do not need for 365 days.Please check the return policy for details.

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