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Climate & Energy

Investing in renewable energy
Urgent action is needed to tackle climate change, which is why the IKEA Group is committed to producing as much renewable energy as it consumes in its operations by 2020.

Investments in wind and solar
Since 2009, IKEA Group has invested EUR 1.7 billion in renewable energy. We have committed to own and operate 416 offsite wind turbines and have installed around 750,000 solar panels on IKEA buildings

The power of the Sun

We are always looking for better ways to do things, even sourcing energy for our stores.
Since renewable energy was the more sustainable way for us to grow we looked up to the brightest source of them all, the sun.
Now, with over 700,000 solar panels installed worldwide to power our stores, we’re on our way to become energy neutral by 2020!
The future looks brighter already!