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IKEA Navi Mumbai Restaurant Menu

Your time is important to us!
You can decide what you want to eat, before getting into the queue.

Come grab a bite at IKEA Restaurant as we are offering free breakfast.
Book a fun day at IKEA Navi Mumbai Restaurant - Tap to know more

IKEA family member offer

Free coffee time - 10.30 AM to 11 AM

New items in the menu

Main Course

Cold Plate





Also at the Restaurant

Chicken tikka masala with rice at Rs.250
Vegetable spring roll 8 pcs at Rs.50
Water bottle at Rs.50
Veggie balls 12 pcs at Rs. 200
Rasgulla at Rs.30
Packed juice at Rs.30
Assorted cookie at Rs.40


After checkout, grab a quick pick-me-up at the IKEA Café before you head out.

Also at the Cafe

Salmon Fillet 2* 125gm at Rs.950
Cold smoked salmon 100gm at Rs.585
Assam tea Rs.100
Masala tea Rs.100
Green tea Rs.120
Honey lemon green tea Rs.150
Ginger thins cookie 150gm at Rs.70
Ginger thins cookie 400gm Rs.250
Dill lemon tea Rs.100
Dill mustard sauce Rs.100
Coffee roasted beans 250gm Rs.250
Coffee roast and ground 250gm Rs.250
Packed juice Rs.30