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Bedroom gallery

Wake up to our great bedroom ideas, and you’ll find all the bedroom decor you love, with lots of inspiration for small bedrooms and large bedrooms alike. Whatever your sense of colour and style, we’ll give you something to sleep on. And you’ll sleep better with great décor, so make cosy bedroom decoration your way to a great night’s slumber.

Essentials for a stylish bedroom

  • Colours, patterns and texture: One of the best bedroom ideas is to avoid a monochromatic look. Choose the main colour and a couple of complementary colours for the room. Choose a pattern or texture that you like and use it in complementary colours.
  • Bedding and pillows: If you want your bed to look stylish, dress it in layers. Choose bedding in the main colour. A few large pillows at the back and smaller decorative pillows or cushions in front create an attractive and comfortable bed.
  • Cushions and decor: Add pops of colour using the accent colour for the curtains and the cushions in the room. Echo the same colours or patterns in other decorative items in the room for a cohesive look.
  • Throws: Add a throw in a colour, texture or pattern that coordinates with the pillows.
  • Curtains: Pick curtains that block the light for the bedroom. Thick curtains will dim the room for your afternoon nap or if you sleep through the day after a night shift.
  • Rugs: A rug by the bed looks great and is a soft surface for your feet to land on when you wake up in the morning.
  • Headboard: The headboard is the most visible part of your bed. Choose one in a style that matches the rest of the bedroom furniture.
  • Bedside tables: Bedside tables bracket your bed in style. Choose them according to their looks and your bedside storage needs. If you read in bed, your bedside table should be adequate to hold a reading lamp and a few of your favourite books.
  • Storage: Create enough storage in your room so that you do not dump things on your bed. A chest of drawers provides storage in the room and a surface that you can use to display your favourite pictures and mementoes.
  • Mirror: A mirror above the dresser or chest of drawers adds glamour and light to the bedroom. It is also handy to check your appearance. A full-length mirror is an excellent option if you have space.
  • Personal touches: Add pictures, photographs and decor items that have a personal meaning to you in the bedroom.

Bedroom ideas to avoid clutter

To keep the bedroom clutter-free, create ample storage for all your belongings. A bed with under-bed storage is a huge storage area. You can use this space to put away all your extra bedding and seasonal clothes. If you do not have such a bed, you can use storage solutions such as the SOCKERBIT storage box or the SKUBB storage case to make the best use of the space.

Suppose you do not have the time to maintain a cosmetics display on your dressing table; opt for a dressing table with plenty of organised storage. Use SKUBB storage boxes to create compartmentalised storage within larger shelves and drawers in your wardrobe.

Placing a dresser in the bedroom

After the bed, the dresser is the most significant piece of furniture in the bedroom. It should be placed opposite or a little away from the bed to balance the room’s look. There should be enough space to open the dresser drawers comfortably.