CHRYSANTHEMUMPotted plant, Chrysanthemums yellow

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Decorate your home with plants combined with a plant pot to suit your style.

Delivery and assembly prices not included.Article number204.152.68

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Decorate your home with plants combined with a plant pot to suit your style.

Native to China.

Easy care plant.

This plant is sensitive to over watering. Too much water in the pot can restrict the oxygen flow to the roots, causing damage to the plant.

This plant is sensitive to temperature changes.

Flowering plants bloom between a few days and several months depending on the quality of the care.

Give your plants a boost with fertiliser every month. If you notice that the plant has gone dormant - let it be until next season.

IKEA provides all potted plants with nutrient-rich soil, repotting is not needed until 1 year after purchase.

Remove dust every now and then to allow the plant to get as much light as possible.

The height of the plants can vary.

Country of Origin


Article number204.152.68
  • Cultivated potted plant

    Plants, others

    Only for decoration, not suitable for consumption.


    Water moderately.


    Minimum temperature 12°C.


    Suitable for in- and outdoor use.

    Place in a shady area.


Diameter of plant pot: 12 cm (4 ¾ ")

Height of plant: 25 cm (9 ¾ ")

    Potted plantArticle no204.152.68

    Length: 35 cm (13 ¾ ")

    Weight: 0.60 kg (1 lb 5 oz)

    Diameter: 18 cm (7 ")

    Package(s): 1


Looked nice but the plantRaghuramanLooked nice but the plant is drying up now4
Very goodMahendraBeautiful5
Very nice flowersKranti M.Good and very attractive5
Real plantsShashikanthThis one did not last more than a week, please give idea for keeping them fresh longer than a week. Daily little water but did not last than a week.5
Wither away no matter what you do !SrjanaThese plants for some reason are not surviving more than a day outside IKEA. Whether you put them inside or outside the house. How much ever careful you are regarding watering them, there's no use.1
Don"t buy thisSivaMy neighbour bought 4 times repetitively and I bought only one. It got dry in a week days. I think this needs to be kept in specific temperate or place. Can't handle it. My neighbour decided to not to use as he takes very good care for his plants and still this one is not surviving.1
Die within two daysShubdeepDie within two days1
Looked half deadShashankLooked half dead1
After moving to the new pot the appearance changed.Sarathchandrait is not worthfull1

SustainabilityPeople and planet

Sustainable life at home

Care thrives in green leaves

Did you know that if you take care of your plants, they’ll take care of you? We have long known that plants are an easy way to make your home more pleasant. But we also wanted to find out if and how they affect our health. We found answers to our questions in a study we carried out with the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. Plants are indeed good for our well-being. Our green friends can help us to be more creative and also reduce stress – care thrives in their green leaves!