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Wake up to a balanced breakfast

It’s surprising what a good night’s sleep can do for the morning mood. Not only that, getting 7 hours or more of sleep improves your memory, reduces inflammation and stress, plus lots more. But there’s no one right way of securing the precious rest. When space is sparse (or when one more night of co-sleeping with the kids is one too many), a sofa bed may very well be the top choice. So, bring on school runs and tooth brushing. You’ll be ready.

Rest easy with less noise

Giving a bit of extra thought to sound can be a great way to improve sleep.ODDLAUG panels absorb sound – and lead to a lower sound level in general. The effect depends on the number of panels you put together and how you hang them.

Soft, durable, and natural 

Thanks to the thicker yarn, BERGPALM has a handcrafted, vintage feel. It’s in100% cotton, a natural and durable material that becomes softer with every wash. The cotton comes from more sustainable sources. That means it's either recycled or grown with less water, fewer fertilizers, and fewer pesticides.

Short of space? Lean back in a sofa bed

Multifunctional pieces of furniture are fantastic inventions. Like no other products, they make everyday life more flexible. Take sofa beds, for example. They’re not only somewhere to snuggle up together; they are the perfect place for sweet dreams. Being extra deep, super easy to fold out and with a thick bed mattress in high resilience foam, GRÖNLID is a great choice whether you plan to stay awake or not.