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How to throw a beautiful barn party (with or without the barn)

Beautiful, right? But before you start thinking, “Here’s yet another impossible-to-achieve party idea that I’ll save but never, ever use,” just hear us out. Even we were shocked by how simply this party came together. Here’s a few lessons we learned along the way that’ll help you pull it off, too. With, or without a barn.

Lesson 1: the best decorations are already hiding in your home

Lemons in the fridge. White bedlinens stacked in the cupboard. Cushions tossed on the sofa. Even that rug up in the attic you grew tired of but weren’t ready to part with yet. All of these things are party-decorations-in-hiding. So before you stock up on new supplies, take a lap around your home and see what other treasures you can uncover.

Lesson 2: spend your money wisely

When it comes to party decorations, a good rule is to spend your money on the things your guests will actually notice – like large, statement-making lamps hung above the table. Or chopping boards used as placemats under their table settings.

Lesson 3: stop and smell the roses

And then pick them! All the flowers at this party were picked from the fields around the barn. And we used them. Everywhere. We filled vases to create the centrepieces, strung them through the backs of chairs, and tucked single stems in with the cutlery. We even hung flowers from the string of lamps above the table.

Lesson 4: embrace imperfection

Part of the charm of this party is that it isn’t too perfect. No straight lines. No symmetry. No mapping out where the lemons and flowers should be placed. Don’t spend too much time thinking about it. Just go with your gut.