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A different wardrobe design for three different personalities

If you are planning to organise your home, starting with the wardrobe might be a good idea. Here we have wardrobe solutions for challenges posed by three different users. But the lessons, they are for everyone!

Section of a wardrobe filled with flamboyant party clothing and accessories; bust with neon wig, mannequin hand with rings.
Section of a wardrobe filled with flamboyant party clothing and accessories; bust with neon wig, mannequin hand with rings.

Creating a stylish display for the fashionista

Does your life revolve around the latest trends? Sooner or later, you will run out of space for your outfits. A simple solution is to revalue your items often. Keep what you love, and let what you don’t, make someone else happy.

Can’t wear them, can’t throw them

They might not be your top favourites anymore, but some items are just too precious to throw away. So make an exhibition out of your greatest hits.

Comparing looks is now easier

Place some hooks on the inside of your wardrobe doors. It becomes easier to hang outfits side by side, so you can mix and match them. Decide which ones stay and which ones go to their new owner. 

It’s time for a thorough inspection

There’s no need to do it often. But every once in a while, go through everything in your wardrobe. It might take some will power, but once you’ve given away the items you don’t use, there’ll be plenty of wardrobe space again.

Creating harmony in your wardrobe comes down to recognising what’s important to you. Both in deciding how to organise your wardrobe, and knowing when to let go of old clothes.

Saša Antić, IKEA interior designer

Creating a practical, organised wardrobe for the family

The challenge with a family is that every member’s needs must be met. The wardrobe design needs to be accessible (for adults and the little ones), everyone should easily find what’s where and the wardrobe must be used to its full capacity.

Folding is the way to go

Replace piling with filing! If you stack your outfits sideways, not only are they more visible, but are also easy to take out.

Reserve a place for your kid’s companions

Kids bed-going routines often involve snuggling up with a soft toy or a throw. Find a place in the wardrobe for these special companions.

Emergency equipment close at hand

It’s important to know where certain items are stored. Like where to find a dummy at three in the morning. Have a handy spot in your wardrobe where you can easily find them

Creating a smart, eye-catching wardrobe design for the vintage lovers

If you are into beautifully-aged clothing, your wardrobe needs to be equipped to sort them out by years, colours and themes. And of course, some great lighting to make everything better - perfect to make sure your threads still sparkle!

Line up your clothes

Arrange your wardrobe to get an overview of what’s inside. It’s easy to see and tell your clothes apart this way. Maybe add an LED strip above to shine a light on them.

Put your accessories in the spotlight (literally!)

It’s always a good idea to have lighting in your wardrobe. And not just for your outfits, light up your accessories too. With battery-operated LED spots, it’s easier to tailor them for individual shelves.

A system for organised wardrobe interiors

Keeping your clothes organised is great, but finding a place to store them that way is better. With a wardrobe organiser solution, everything’s neat, stored apart from each other and always within easy reach.

We love to see our customers get creative with our products. Go for it! But please note that altering or modifying IKEA products so they can no longer be re-sold or used for their original purpose, means the IKEA commercial guarantees and your right to return the products will be lost.

Made by
Interior designer: Saša Antić
Photographer: Henrik Pettersson
Writer: Henrik Annemark