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Wardrobe lighting

Bring Your Wardrobe Into Light

Light up the darkest corner of your wardrobe and find anything that you’re looking for in a jiffy. Check out the LINDSHULT LED lights that can shed some light to the highest shelf of your wardrobe. It gives off a soft focussed light and won’t disturb your sleeping partner. Or check out the NORRFLY LED lighting strip that will switch on automatically when you open the wardrobe and switch off when you’re done - saving you energy and some pocket money! And don’t worry about connecting multiple lights - we have the ANSLUTA electronic transformer for that.

Everything In Your Wardrobe In Plain Sight

Getting ready for office in the early morning or a mid night party? - one thing you don’t have to do anymore is creep around the dark so you don’t wake up your sleeping partner. With our LINDSHULT LED lights you can get soft focussed light to different areas of your wardrobe so even the highest part of your wardrobe is in plain sight. And you can light up your walk-in closet with our STÖTTA LED ceiling lamp - activated by a motion sensor this clever one switches on and off automatically. And light up the smaller areas in your closet with our URSHULT LED lighting - you can even dim it wirelessly if you just want to use it as a night light as you get ready for bed. And complete all your lighting fixtures with the ANSLUTA electronic transformer.

And for lighting options for your kitchen cabinets or bookcase - check out our collection of integrated lighting!