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Create a floral sculpture

Get creative and build a floral sculpture onto a memo board. It will be a unique work of art that gives a feeling of spring indoors, while lasting well beyond the season.

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A gold-coloured memo board with clips lying in a red sofa along with some artificial pink flowers, scissors and thread.
A floral sculpture with artificial pink peonies placed on a light pink wall above a red sofa with orange and pink cushions.
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Prepare for weddings

Get inspired by our curated wedding gift ideas and find a perfect gift for the wedding season.


Display your favourite things

Decoration adds to our well-being and sense of beauty. Collect some of your favourite small objects that share the same colour scheme and create a poetic spring display at home.

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A still life with small ceramic objects in green and beige and a green vase made in metal, all placed on a wooden side table.
A display on a side table with small decorative objects like a glass dome with artificial butterflies, vases and an hourglass.
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Decoration that makes a difference this summer

This new family of mouth-blown glass vases by British designer Ilse Crawford and her design studio StudioIlse is made from recovered glass. See more items made from more sustainable and renewable materials here.

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