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Sofa, So Good!

Big or small, all sofas from our furniture range, fit right into any living room. They come in different sizes and can be joined together to create the perfect unit for you. The VALLENTUNA comes with storage space and can be transformed into a bed for your guests. So can the LIDHULT corner sofa with its chaise lounge unit and resilient foam mattress. Putting comfort first are the SÖDERHAMN customisable sofas with elastic webbing in the bottom. And if you want to sit back with a cup of coffee, there’s the DELAKTIG two-seater with a side table.

For Bigger Families And Smaller Spaces

Wondering where to put your guests for the night? Our range of customisable sofa units might have the answer. There are all sofas from our VALLENTUNA range. You can use these units freestanding or link them together to build a sofa-bed or a seater for more people. We’ve created it with comfortable pocket springs and removable covers - no more backache for your visitors or cleaning woes for you! Our LIDHULT fits into your corner spaces and comes with a resilient foam mattress and chaise lounge that lets you enjoy a few moments of peace in comfort. Like our LIDHULT, the SÖDERHAMN is all about convenience too. Not only does it last longer and come with recyclable materials, but the removable back cushions and elastic webbing also let you sink into it in bliss. All sofas from our range are designed to be flexible in a smaller space. So if you want a two-seater to fit into your reading nook, we’ve got the DELAKTIG sofa with a side table to keep your books, phone, or cuppa as you unwind.

Change the look of your sofa and play with different patterns and colours by getting some extra sofa covers.