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IKEA Better Living Challenge 2021

Thank you for your actions

IKEA’s Better Living Challenge 2021 enabled 'the many Indians to live a more sustainable life at home, by following simple and everyday solutions that can help make a huge difference. The app shows how much energy, carbon, and water you are saving in real-time and shows you easy ideas to lead an environment-friendly life.

The success of the Better Living Challenge demonstrates that together we can create a larger impact just by tracking the smallest of climate-positive actions.

Preet DhuparSustainability Lead, IKEA India

Impacts of IKEA Better Living Challenge 2021

In India, the challenge helped save 4,57,000 kgs of (CO2) carbon footprint.
(equals to burning 55,689 litres of Diesel)

The app also supported conserving 80 lakh litres of water.
(equals to the drinking water requirement of 11.14 lakh people in India)

The challenge helped waste segregation of 7000 kgs.
(equals to average daily waste generated in 8750 households of Indian Metro cities)

Do I win something?

Cashback offers as prizes will be given to the top 100 winners. The top 5 winners will get cashback as much as INR 10,000 per person.

Keep an eye on this space to know more.

Meanwhile, continue using the app and keep tracking the impact of their actions on the planet in order to understand what actions we can take to adopt a sustainable way of life at home.

Download IKEA Better Living app

Android users: Click here
iOS users: Click here

Once you open the app:

  • Select IKEA Better Living Challenge 2021
  • Enter your credentials
  • Log your actions and start playing!