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A better world starts at home

The journey to a better world begins at home. With products and solutions that are sustainable, healthy and affordable, it's easy for you to make a difference without compromising on your sense of style or comfort.

    Save money and the world, without leaving your home.

    Cut back on your energy consumption with smart solutions that will help reduce your carbon footprint, and the money spent. Be it energy saving bulbs or pressure controlled taps that save water, building a sustainable future is made easy and affordable.

    Accidental Environmentalists

    Making small changes to our everyday lives can make a world of a difference.

      Healthier Homes

      Home is where your heart feels hail, healthy and fresh. Having indoor plants does exactly that and more. Along with growing your own fresh veggies, you can also use our recyclable, child-friendly, non-toxic materials to make your homes happy, healthy and colourful!

      Renewable, recyclable or recycled materials

      Invite a touch of nature into your home with products made from sustainable and renewable natural materials. This line of furniture is forest-positive, durable and brings natural beauty to your space.

      IKEA Foundation

      'A better world starts at home campaign' is supported by The IKEA Foundation along with five partners to bring renewable energy to families and communities.