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Together for all refugees

    As of May 2022, UNHCR (the UN Refugee Agency) has confirmed that around the world, the number of people forced to flee conflict, violence, human rights violations, and persecution is now over 100 million for the first time in modern history. At IKEA, we believe that everyone has a right to feel at home – no matter who you are or where you come from. 

    We believe that all people deserve respect, dignity, and opportunities, and we’re committed to living up to this belief. For many years, we’ve worked with refugees through our skills for employment programme UPPNA, IKEA social entrepreneurship programmes and charity partnerships. We want to help as many people as we can, for as long as possible – that’s why we’re accelerating our efforts with our partner, the UNHCR, this World Refugee Day. 

    Today, we are launching our ‘Together for all refugees’ campaign which aims to break down biases and misconceptions and demonstrates how businesses like ours can help. We will also be supporting Ingka Group with a goal of raising €20 million for UNHCR to close the funding gap, and support refugee humanitarian emergencies.  

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    Let’s take action, together

    If we read new perspectives, we can start to close the empathy gap. If we donate, we can help close the funding gap. And if we get involved in our communities, we can make more people feel welcome.

    Donate to the UN Refugee Agency

    In addition to the campaign, through our long-standing employment programme UPPNA, we will also offer 180 placements over the next three years, across the UK and Ireland, to help provide work experience for refugees, building on the support provided to 64 refugees in the last year since May 2021. 

    Three ways to take action

    Taking action for all refugees doesn’t have to be complicated. Therefore, we’ve outlined three, simple ways you can make a difference today.

    Together, let’s take a stand for all refugees. Are you joining us? 

    1. Stay in the know.

    Learn from diverse sources to broaden your perspective. Use reliable sources like UNHCR to educate yourself, and take a breath before sharing information: make sure it’s fact-based and valid.

    2. Support initiatives in your community.

    You can take meaningful action on a local scale by engaging with organisations and NGOs around you that focus on assisting refugees.

    3. Donate.

    Around the world, humanitarian crises are heavily underfunded. Donating to reliable organisations working on the ground, like UNHCR, is one of the clearest ways to make social impact.

    Donate to the UN Refugee Agency

    Changing the narrative

    Are you ready to challenge your perspective? Read stories from refugees below — created in partnership with UNHCR.

    Additional ways we support refugees


    The IKEA group of companies has so far donated a total of €45 million to refugee causes, including the UNHCR and through product donations to local refugee charities.  


    In the UK and Ireland, we work closely with our charity partner Barnardo’s to provide strategic funding that enables them to roll out important social support to refugee children and their families. This also includes providing and distributing activity packs, containing toys and art supplies, to refugee children across the country.

    Launching our ‘Skills for Employment’ toolkit

    Businesses can make meaningful contributions to local neighbourhoods, and to society, by working toward refugee integration and open pathways to decent work for refugees.

    Ingka Group have developed this toolkit to share our experience and lessons learned so far. We hope this toolkit inspires other businesses to act too.

    Social initiatives at IKEA

    At IKEA, we’re committed to taking a stand for all refugees. See how we work with refugees across our business below: