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Sponsorship and Charity Requests

Our Role in the Local Community

At IKEA, we are part of many communities and want each of the IKEA stores to be a central part of its neighbourhood. We stand up for equality and support access to decent and meaningful work. We believe in contributing towards child friendly, safe, affordable and sustainable places to call home. This is done together with our national and local partners.

Self-assessment Community Request Criteria

The IKEA vision is to, “create a better everyday life for the many people”.  We are dedicated to having a positive impact on people and the planet, acting as a good neighbour within the local communities we operate in.

In order to maximise the positive impact of our community partnerships, IKEA works with a community partnership criteria. The following questions will support you in identifying whether your request aligns with the IKEA vision:

  • Does the program match well with our IKEA vision?
  • Is the organisation registered as nonprofit or charity?
  • Does the program support many local children and encourage diversity?
  • Does the program support the local community or the environment?
  • Can we use our design know-how and IKEA products?
  • Can we involve our energetic IKEA coworkers?


IKEA will only support organisations that operate in accordance with our non­discriminatory policy regarding race, religion, color, creed, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, citizenship, marital or veteran status, ancestry, disability, medical condition, or any other classification protected by applicable law. 

If you feel that your request meets this criteria, please send a letter by post to the "Marketing Department" of your local IKEA store in writing, so we can assess the potential and suitability. Click here to find your store's address.

Our People and Planet Positive Partnerships

Guided by our values, we have always been a company that seeks to create lasting, positive change in communities.  We want to help address societal challenges, maximising our positive impact with our many strengths together with our national charity partners.  If you would like to get involved, please contact the Marketing Team in your local store further information around community activities and engagement.