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Small kitchen ideas

Sometimes the best things really do come in small packages. While many of us dream of having a huge kitchen with acres of worktops and lots of cupboards, you can still make a smaller space into the heart of your home with the right adjustments.

Small kitchen ideas you can set up and take down

Discover a clever kitchen you can easily set up and take back down when you need to move or make room for other activities.

Small kitchen ideas for a one-wall space

Find out how to make even the tiniest of kitchens be all things to all people – a cooking, eating and even partying space!

A chef's top small kitchen ideas

When it comes to creating big flavours in a small kitchen, you can trust a professional chef's insight. Take inspiration from Liz's tiny space.

Maximise a tiny space with these small kitchen ideas

A miniscule kitchen you can cook, eat and actually move around in? It's a challenge, but we'll show you how.


Small kitchen essentials

Planning tools

Try the 3D kitchen planner

With small kitchens, size matters! Enter your kitchen's measurements and details to play around with a nifty online version of your exact space.

Kitchen quick quoter

Find out what your small kitchen could cost with our quick quotes. Simply select the style you have your eye on and enter your specs to get your 1-minute quote.

Book a consultation

Make your small kitchen happen by booking a consultation to get planning advice from IKEA's kitchen experts in store, online or even in your own home.

Be inspired by our lighting, decoration and layout ideas designed especially with modestly-sized kitchens in mind. One of the biggest challenges of having a small kitchen is finding a place for everything, and we have some tips for that too – from arranging your spice jars to storing your pots and pans.