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TROTTEN office furniture adapts as your business grows

    From home to high-rise! Congrats on the expansion of your business. Discover how the TROTTEN system can easily adapt to your office’s changing needs with multipurpose furniture and practical units you can just add on.

    Pin board on one side, whiteboard on the other

    This double-sided noticeboard lets you write notes and reminders on one side, and attach things to the other. It’s easy to mount on the desktop, and doubles as a divider to create privacy between workspaces.

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    A TROTTEN noticeboard on a white TROTTEN desk, with a photograph of a street and a sketch of a bird pinned on it.
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      Lockable drawer on top, spacious storage below

      This smart, lightweight drawer unit can store small valuables – like wallets, phones and important papers – in a lockable drawer, and larger items – bicycle helmets and bulky bags – on the shelf below.

      A white TROTTEN drawer unit with its lockable drawer opened revealing a phone and notebooks in it.

        Movable storage and an extra seat in one

        Roll this convenient storage unit with castors anywhere you need extra storage. Or a temporary extra seat for quick meetings with colleagues! The bamboo lid adds a warm, natural detail in the room.

        A white storage unit on castors with the bamboo lid off and a beige totebag in it, beside a desk.

          A flexible area for meetings and brainstorming

          Easy-to-move tables and noticeboards let you quickly shape and adapt secluded spaces, fluid zones, or whatever interior suits your needs. Also, the design allows for space-efficient storage between sessions.

          A wheeled white table with a laptop and a cup on it, two free-standing double-sided noticeboards forming a meeting zone.

            Use cabinets for zoning and easy-access storage

            These cabinets aren’t just double-sided, with open and closed storage accessible from both sides. They also work double, as they’re also ideal room dividers – especially with an added noticeboard.

            An airy office with white TROTTEN double-sided cabinets with open and closed storage used as room dividers.

              An efficient office space for collaboration

              TROTTEN desks work as well for home workspaces as collaboration areas in open-plan offices. The A-shaped legs maximise space and minimise getting-in-the-way. Add proper chairs, and your new office space is ready.

              See the TROTTEN system
              A bright and airy office space with white TROTTEN desks combined to form collaboration areas.
                See the TROTTEN system