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The yellow vintage artist

Caroline is an artist living in a small French village with her seven-year-old son. Her passion is woodburning (pyrography), a therapeutic artform that lets her express her emotions by creating patterns full of symbolism – inspired by tattoos from the 60’s and 70’s.

Known as "The Girl in Yellow“, Caroline always dresses in yellow and also decorates her home all in yellow. She loves vintage and hunting down retro furniture and vintage fashion – again, all in yellow.  All in all, this means a big need for smart storage.

A young woman dressed in yellow is sitting at a desk, making woodburning art on a piece of wood. On the desk there is a yellow lamp, a yellow clock, a yellow binder, and a yellow pen holder.

Keeping things organised, from paper to wood

Caroline creates her pyrography by first sketching on recycled paper, then burning outlines into wood, and finally painting the finished patterns in beautiful colours. This means that she needs easy access to a variety of art supplies and tools, such as pencils, recycled paper, markers, paints, brushes, and of course wooden boards. A corner workstation is a great way to maximize space for both work and storage. It can easily fit in any corner, so that you can use the remaining space for shelves and cabinets to store your art supplies and finished artworks. On the desk, SAXBORGA jars make it easy to keep all those smaller pencils, markers and tools organized (and bring with you when you need them somewhere else). The jars are also easy to stack or group together, thanks to the cork lids and tray that keep them in their place. Above the desk, a SKÅDIS pegboard makes it easy to put your sketches within sight and reach. For extra space and even more flexibility, create a movable art station with the RÅSKOG trolley. It fits in the smallest of spaces and can be moved wherever and whenever you feel inspired. For heavier loads, like wooden boards to burn patterns and paint on, use a durable wood box like KNAGGLIG. Save space by stacking the boxes on top of one another. You can also paint the untreated wood in any colour you like (yellow, anyone?), and label them so that you remember what’s inside.

A young woman dressed in yellow is standing in front of her open closet. It is full of yellow shirts, yellow hats, yellow shoes, and yellow accessories.

Full flexibility with a foldable table and an art station on wheels

The IVAR foldable table is perfect for small space living, leaving room for all your storage needs. Untreated solid pine is a natural material that can be painted, in yellow or whatever your favourite colour may be! The RÅSKOG utility cart fits in the smallest of spaces and can be used as extra storage for utensils, art tools and desk accessories.