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The spice collector

Joshua is an American designer, passionate about hunting down and collecting different spices from all over the world. Always learning about new cuisines, he loves the myriad of colours, flavours and scents that spices bring to food. Also an amateur spice-maker, Joshua likes to dry his own herbs too.

With a spice collection this big and diverse, it’s all about storing, organising, and displaying a huge number of spices in one location – with quick and easy access to his daily favourites.

A smiling man holds out a plate, with five different piles of colourful spices on it.

Flavours from the entire world, within easy reach

When it comes to spice storage, you need a good system to see (and reach!) what you have. With an entire wall of open shelves and neatly labelled glass jars, you can store bulk spices with a nice overview – while keeping the spices you use the most within easy reach. The transparent glass shows you when it's time to refill, and also makes for a beautiful display, truly expressing any spice lover’s passion. In a smaller kitchen, a trolley will also do the job. It shows you the goods, fits in tight spaces and is easy to move around. For drying your own herbs, rails and hooks take very little space, and make the kitchen look and smell nice at the same time. Once the herbs have dried out completely, they can be stored in glass jars for months. You see what's inside – and the lids keep the herbs fresh. They look nice out on the shelf - but can also easily fit in a deep kitchen drawer. A spice collector of course keeps many accessories, and UPPDATERA boxes are great for storing small items, utensils, and bottles – and easy to move around. Favorites like the ÄDELSTEN mortal and the INTRESSANT spice mill, with its harder-than-steel ceramic grinding mechanism, are not just practical tools, but also a nice design element if left on the kitchen counter.

A man in a kitchen sprinkles pepper from a glass bottle onto a bowl of sauteed vegetables.