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The gaming geek

Javier has been obsessed with videogames ever since he was a kid. As an adult, he’s levelling up! By transforming his entire living room into the ultimate gaming space, Javier can express his creativity and live his passion, every day (and night).

With his impressive collection of games and gaming memorabilia, keeping everything neat and organised is key. It’s about organising and displaying videogames and collectables like original boxes, sleeves, and action figures. But also storing and managing all the cables, tech and equipment that come with it.

A man is sitting at a table, drinking soda from a can, and playing videogames on three big computer screens. The walls around him are covered with open shelves full of videogames and toys.

Play hard, display hard

At the heart of Javier’s creative space is the presentation of his vast collection of games and gaming memorabilia. For full display, use an open shelf unit like KALLAX to cover the walls with all your favourite collectibles. To keep your shelves uncluttered, you can add stackable KUGGIS boxes to tuck away the media accessories he that you want out of sight (but still close at hand). By placing hooks on the wall, you can transform a small area into a smart storage space for hanging headphones, cables, and other small gadgets. For even more storage – that you can also move around – the TROTTEN storage unit on casters has generous storage space under the lid that fits everything from cables and chargers to game consoles and headphones. When it’s game time, it’s all about choosing the ultimate gaming throne. A comfy, ergonomic armchair that can withstand many hours of gaming action. Pick a chair with a high back that provides extra support for your neck as you play, and one that you can adjust the height and depth of the seat to fit different players. For even better comfort (and focus!), choose a flexible table that can also be adjusted to the player's height. To take the gaming ambience to another level, add some LEDBERG light strips around your screens, tables and cabinets. They give great mood light, consume less energy, and can easily be placed in drawers, behind the TV, on shelves or under your bed. The only limit is your imagination.

A smiling man is leaning back in a STRANDMON armchair. He has a video game console in his hand. The walls around him are covered with open shelves full of videogames and toys.

Surround yourself with your favourite games and heroes

Cover your walls with open shelves to put all your favourite games and gaming memorabilia on proud display. Boxes and trolleys make it easy to organise and hide away your tech media accessories, while keeping them close by. Add some LED light strips for ambience and don’t forget the ring light and phone holder for your streaming sessions.