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The drag performer

Deena Citron is the alter ego of Daniel, a full-time teacher and part-time drag queen. Performing drag is an art form that allows Deena to express herself while sprinkling in a touch of humour., like the backstory of how the stage is second nature to her because she grew up in a family of flamenco dancers.

Performing in nightclubs on the weekends, Deena needs ways to organise her considerable amount of makeup, props and stage outfits like wigs, hats, shoes, and dresses. In a way that’s easy to find, pack and carry backstage and home again.

A drag queen wearing make-up, a purple wig and yellow nail polish, is holding up a yellow purse. In the background, the wall is full of framed magazine covers.

There’s no business like storage business

When it’s showtime, you need organized open storage that gives you a good overview of all tonight’s wardrobe choices. BOAXEL, for example, is an affordable wall-mounted system that is flexible and easy to adapt to suit clothes of different types and sizes. As a weekend performer, touring back and forth to the nightclub with props and stage outfits can be a bit of a nomadic life. Being able to quickly find, pack and carry your stuff is a great help. A spacious travel bag like VÄRLDENS with several compartments is good for organizing, carrying, (and rolling!) all the clothes, shoes, and accessories you need for the show. A VÄRLDENS accessory bag will help keep small things like your makeup, hair clips, cables and chargers organised and easy to find. With a real “backstage” style set-up, getting ready is half the fun! Start out with a dressing table with lots of drawers and shelves for makeup, hair products and accessories. Add matching boxes and pretty trays for your jewellery. And place it all in front a big mirror with bright lights around it. Now, all that’s missing is music! Add speakers, stands and chargers for all your devices, so that you can play music, watch tutorials, and share a photo or two with your fans.

A person wearing makeup and a hair net, is packing a drag queen outfit, including: a pair of long purple gloves, a black suit, a purple wig, purple and black negligees, a purple boa, a yellow purse and a green purse.