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The ceramics entrepreneurs

Diogo and Isac are the creative hands behind a new ceramics studio in their home in Lisbon. What started as a hobby during the pandemic, soon grew bigger and more ambitious. Diogo and Isac quit their jobs and adapted their attic into a home studio. Here, they create daily ceramic masterpieces ranging from art and masks to beautiful kitchenware.

Working with clay means that you need space to mould the clay, a place to dry it, an oven to harden it. You need smart solutions for storing and organising your tools and materials. And of course, displaying your finished art pieces in a beautiful way.

Two young men wearing t-shirts and aprons are sitting at table, making pottery and art from clay.

A home studio with all the bells and whistles

This is an art studio dedicated to creativity. And equipment! Making ceramics requires a lot of tools, utensils, and materials for all stages of the process. Rolling pins, string, paint brushes, aprons, towels, and spray bottles. A Lazy Susan to rotate pieces when modelling your clay. Chopping boards to absorb excess water from moulded pieces before going into the oven. Three types of moulding clay (black, white and red) and different varnishes. Combining open storage and boxes gives you the overview and ease of access that you need, while keeping things tidy at the same time. A shelving storage area made in pine wood and black metal, gives elegance and an industrial style to the space. Sturdy SAMLA boxes in transparent plastic make it easy to see and find what you need. Trolleys are also great for extra storage, and easy to move around as needed. When you go from hobby to professional all-day every day, you really want a workspace that’s comfy and healthy. Pick a working lamp with good light and an ergonomic chair for better back support or use a standing bench that keeps your body in constant motion, helping you keep a naturally healthy posture in front of your desk. Look to the walls when it’s time to show your art to the world. Pegboards, racks, and hooks can work wonders. If you can’t find a good place to put something, this usually takes care of the problem. Mount it well on the wall, and there’s almost no limit to how much it can hold.

Two young men pose in front of a pink wall, full of clay masks in different colours.

Everything within easy reach with boxes, rails, and hooks

The SAMLA boxes are made of transparent plastic, so that it’s easy to find what you need. They come in many sizes and are also stackable, which means they take up very little space, when not in use. With SUNNESTRA hooks on the BEKVÄM unit, you can use the rack not just as shelf but also to hang some extra utensils.