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All about play

Cecilia lives with her family in a small village in southern Sweden – and their passion is play! Not just for having fun, but to encourage creativity and learn valuable life lessons. Like knowing why it’s well to have rules, but also that it’s sometimes good to break them, to innovate and create something new.

With three small kids in different ages, this family has a lot of toys – which means they need a lot of storage. Cecilia wants her kids to feel free to play wherever and whenever they want, and she likes storage that makes it easy to move toys around the house.

Wooden train tracks on a colourful carpet with a lot of little game pieces around, some of them collected in an orange plastic box.

Nothing says playtime like organised storage

Here, it’s easy for the kids to play, wherever and whenever it’s playtime – which is often! This means storing a large collection of toys, such as dolls and doll houses, stuffed animals, board games, cars, trains, and so on. And finding ways to easily move these toys around the house. Keepings toys organized in clearly labelled boxes is key. That way, it’s always easy to find what you need, easy to carry things around the house, and easy to tidy up. This makes room cleaning a fun task, with easy-to-reach boxes that help separate your various toys and hobbies. And with everything back in its right box again, it’s just as easy to start playing again! The TROFAST storage combination with boxes is more than just a sturdy storage solution – with a bit of playful creativity, it can also be turned into a DIY doll house. Make roofs from reused cardboard (like the IKEA flatpacks your furniture came in), a few flags with paper and string and it’s playtime! It’s a fun and a resourceful way to be creative and enjoy more toys without always having to buy new things. In the kids’ room, it’s inspiring to create a place fully dedicated to creativity - with desks, small furniture, and design solutions that encourage kids to read, study, draw, create, play and dream. A fun and comfy space where kids can develop their imagination. Simple details can make a big difference in keeping everything organized, like a handle on the side where kids can hang their bag, or a ledge where they can put their books.

A family is standing in a kids’ bedroom. Two kids in costumes are playing on a swing that is hanging from the ceiling. The mother holds the swing, and the father holds a toddler in his arms.

Toy storage that isn’t playing around

With a combination of big and small storage units with boxes, you can create a fun environment, and everything stays tidy in its place (which means you lose less stuff). Mesh storage boxes like TROFAST are ideal for kids not yet old enough to read. Easy to see what’s inside and deep enough to store bigger toys and larger stuffed animals.