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Bring Natural Elements into your home

This theme draws its inspiration from nature and sunset tones. Natural home decor elements add a softness to any room while being kinder on the planet. Using only natural fibres, earthenware, and renewable wood, both modern and traditional pieces can transform your room into your personal haven.

GILLSTAD circular wall decorations made from a natural fibre.
A FLÅDIS wicker basket sits on a organic bed linen, a work lamp sits in the background.
A collection of white ceramic and coloured glass vases in a rustic style sit in a bright window sill, one has a peice foliage springing from the top.
Natural Elements colour pallette
Two clear glass vases, CHILIFRUKT and PÅDRAG sit in a bright natural window next to a rustic style bulb
A large nature inspired lamp hangs above a rustic dining table in natural tones.
Taking inspiration from handcrafted designs the IGELSTORP fringing wall decorations hangs next to large house plants large organic pots
A large mirror with a wooden frame hangs on the wall. In front of a plant.

One of the easiest, and most beautiful natural elements that you can bring into your home is sunlight. The dappled light of an early evening or the clear clean light of a sunny day. Capture this light with pops of colour in White, Beige, Putty, Mustard, Rose or Sage. Add extra cosiness with hand-crafted textile details, and finish it all with an extra organic expression with mushroom shapes for lights and decoration.

A large PEDERSBORG handcrafted rug hangs above a wooden bedframe in a eco-friendly styled room. With Organic elements throughout.

Play with light and shadow using natural fibres

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A large TORARED pendant lamp hangs abobe a wooden table with houseplants below.
A small MISTERHULT lamp sits on a wooden bench in a light toned room with a rustic vibe
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Small changes, big impact

Small changes to any room, such as adding air-purifying plants, can support your well-being with cleaner air and create a truly organic feel. Pair them with natural fibre pots for an eco-friendly design to complete the look.

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See all pots & planters

Spend a little more time with mother nature. Simple light wooden statement pieces, such as a large dining table, give a warm and clear feeling to a space. Mix and match modern with traditional for an eclectic but curated expression. For an easy addition to any room, add a large sculptured floral arrangement or foraged greenery in a clear glass vase bringing the outside in. For your accessories, combine bamboo and cork (both long-lasting and sustainable materials), with stone and earthenware and you'll begin to notice how natural materials can lift your room and your wellbeing.

An open dining room with light wood dining table in neutral tones, Wicker and metal chairs. On top ceramic and metal homewares are combined for a modern organic look an feel.