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Live Lagom: Living Lagom with Bekki

You don't have to make dramatic changes to improve the wellbeing of yourself, the quality of your life, and ultimately, your world. As our Lagomer Bekki found out, the little things can have a big impact too.

Image of Bekki sitting in her newly decorated bedroom in blues
Image of Bekki sitting in her newly decorated bedroom in blues
My bedroom was as far away from a haven as it could possibly be. And now it's cosier than I could have imagined.


What does Lagom mean? Lagom comes from the Swedish phrase “Lagom är bäst” (the right amount is best), which we believe is the secret to sustainable living.

"I'm Bekki. I live in Southampton with my husband and four children. I'm studying for a Mental Health Nursing degree. I saw a competition to win a cosy bedroom makeover on the Live Lagom group Facebook page. My greatest wish was to have a room to relax in at the end of a diffcult day at university. I was so excited to be chosen for the makeover and couldn't wait to see how the designer, Karolina, would transform the room."

"Before, the decor was candy pink from when it was the girl's room. And it was as far away from a haven as it could possibly be. I had no desire to spend any time there."

"Interior designer Karolina was amazing. She's put patterns and textiles together that I wouldn't have been brave enough to try. And have I mentioned I can't leave my bed? It's more cosy than I could have imagined. The blinds and curtains give it a warmth that exudes comfort."

"Net curtains softly filter daylight through, while blackout blinds really help with a restful night's sleep. I have never slept so soundly."

"My bedroom was an unattractive and uninviting place before. Plants really help to improve the air quality and my own feelings of wellbeing."

"I put off reorganising my wardrobes as I would have had nowhere to put things once they'd been sorted. Since the makeover, I have eight bags of clothes ready to take to the charity store."

"Live Lagom isn't just about saving money, it's also about living more efficiently.The storage I've been given has made me realise how I wasted time looking for things. Having a place for everything means I can get what I want quickly. If I save a few minutes here and there, I'll soon save enough time to spend an extra 10 minutes playing with my children, or catching up with study."

"Karolina was amazing. She seemed to know what would work for me. And she's made my bedroom extraordinary, breathtaking and exceptional."

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