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Home visit: five-minute artificial-flower garland

Make it easy to enjoy the beauty of nature all year round with fake flowers. Whether it’s for a special occasion or an everyday decoration, follow these easy steps to make a DIY flower garland…

Close-up of a floral garland on a white wall.
Close-up of a floral garland on a white wall.

You will need: wire cutters, yarn or string, drawing pins and a range of artificial flowers (here, we’ve used ranunculi, orchids, eucalyptus and snowball hydrangea).

  1. Using the wire cutters, cut the flower stems down to around 10cm. Leave a few stems slightly longer, ready to bend into a hook shape later.
  2. Mix the flowers to create mini bouquets, including one long stem in each.
  3. Wrap yarn tightly around the stems to bind the flowers together and tie a knot.
  4. To hang, tie a length of yarn between two drawing pins on the wall (don’t forget that the weight of the bouquets will stretch the yarn). Hook the bouquets by the longest stem and secure with extra yarn if needed.
  5. We love how the flower garland looks in a bedroom, but you can hang yours almost anywhere!

Ilaria came up with this DIY idea with the help of stylist Sam when we visited her home. “I weave handmade touches into every room,” says Ilaria. “Last year, I tried pressing leaves collected from our local park and sticking them above my headboard with washi tape. It looked lovely but dried up quickly. The good thing about this idea is that fake flowers are long-lasting, and I got to use yarn in the process, which is my favourite craft material.”

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Made by
Interior stylist: Sam Grigg
Photographer: Benjamin Edwards
Artwork in second image: Lieke van der Vorst,
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