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A lazy day of board games and cards

Set the right activity level by gathering the family for some light-hearted fun.

Family members gathered in a living room playing LUSTIGT games.
Family members gathered in a living room playing LUSTIGT games.

No need to rush

When your day is a blank slate, there’s no need to force things. Start easy by simply cosying up together and deciding on what to make of the moment. (If you’re feeling a bit competitive, follow the link to our living room-friendly pentathlon.)

An amusement arcade fit for home

Go with something analogue, like a board game, to give grown-ups a shot at not losing. Split into teams and battle it out with your game of choice. With a coffee table with multiple built-in games, you won’t have to move an inch.

Turn the table

Once you’re done with one game, shake hands, flip the top to reveal a new board and start fresh in friendly fashion.

If all else fails, let a deck of playing cards come to the rescue. From one to many, slow solitaire or a flush of full attention – there’s always a card game to suit the occasion.

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