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  • Say “Hej” to METOD!

    IKEA launched its current kitchen range METOD in 2014, replacing FAKTUM. With a modular approach, this versatile kitchen range now allows for an individual solution. With its better use of space and increased functionality for all activities taking place in the kitchen, it meets the needs and dreams of a modern life for the many people.

    The price level is, as always, the most affordable on the market.

  • Why did IKEA change the kitchen range?

    At IKEA we continuously develop our product range to meet our customers’ needs and provide the best offer on the market. FAKTUM was our kitchen range for 20 years up until 2014 and we found that developing the range further would have added complexity to the design and increased the prices, making it more difficult and expensive for our customers to design their perfect kitchen. Whereas METOD has been designed with a modular approach allowing for individual solutions with better use of space and increased functionality for all the activities taking place in kitchens of all shapes and sizes.

  • Are the METOD and FAKTUM kitchen ranges comparable in price?

    The price level is the same as FAKTUM and as always, our aim is to be the most affordable retailer on the market for comparable kitchens.

  • Where can I browse the METOD range?

    You can view the METOD range online and in store now.

  • What is the difference between METOD and FAKTUM?

    Both ranges are of similar quality and functionality, they have been tested rigorously for everyday use and have a 25-year guarantee. However, due to a difference in measurements, the METOD and FAKTUM ranges are not compatible.

  • Can I combine METOD with a FAKTUM kitchen?

    Unfortunately, they are built to different design specifications. The METOD range is based on a modular system which offers greater versatility. METOD cabinets come in widths of 20, 40, 60, 80 and heights of 40, 60, 80, 100, 140, 200 and 220 centimetres.

  • Can I still design and buy a FAKTUM kitchen?

    The IKEA Kitchen planners can be used to design a METOD kitchen only. Unfortunately, FAKTUM is no longer manufactured for IKEA.

  • Is my FAKTUM kitchen guarantee still valid?

    Our after-sales team will be available to deal with any FAKTUM queries you may have, and our FAKTUM kitchens are still covered (from the date of purchase), under our 25-year guarantee*. IKEA will always honour the guarantee.

    *Please note that the 25-year guarantee only applies for FAKTUM doors from 2009 and for FAKTUM cabinets from 2007.

  • What is covered under the FAKTUM guarantee?

    This guarantee covers defects in materials and workmanship and is valid from the date of purchase from IKEA. The original purchase receipt is required as proof of purchase.

  • Will I be able to return my FAKTUM kitchen?

    Our after-sales team will be available to deal with any FAKTUM queries you may have, and our FAKTUM kitchens are still covered (from the date of purchase) under our usual Return policy.

  • What is covered by the after-sales service?

    For a limited period after discontinuation, we will provide an after-sales service for most of the products in your FAKTUM kitchen. This means that it is possible to source replacements or supplement the kitchen for a time-limited period since FAKTUM left the range in 2014. FAKTUM customers can rest assured that we will always do our utmost to make sure they are satisfied with their kitchen from IKEA.

  • Does METOD also have a 25-year guarantee?

    Yes, the METOD kitchen has a 25-year kitchen system guarantee. Find out more information about what is included or excluded from the METOD kitchen system on our Guarantees page.

  • What if I have any further questions?

    If you have any further enquiries regarding your FAKTUM kitchen, guarantee or the METOD range, you can contact us.